Am I legit now?

So the 2nd annual Turkey Trot has officially come and passed. It was a good one… a definite, definite good one.

My first 5K ever was the Turkey Trot and there’s some sentimental value within it. My time first around was 27:08 and although I wasn’t too vocal about it, I desperately wanted to beat that.


Saturday morning I was up at 8:20 and excited/nervous.

Half a Clif bar served as my pre-race fuel… it served me well!


At 9:30 Sam and I walked over and I got myself all registered and such.

Lucky number 28! 28 is Sam’s favorite number and the number 8 is Apolo’s favorite number so there was just a lot of lucky stuff going on.

Did a bunch of stretching while I waited.


Right before lineup my crew arrived and wished me good luck. I love being supported sometimes ❤


Dunno what my face was doing exactly. Oh well. LET’S GO!


Sometimes I creep on the far right side of pictures. Teehee.


According to my girls my running style is similar to that of Apolo (BEST.THING.EVER). What I mean by that is that according to them I started off slow and then, after some time, I come out of nowhere and speed up. That seems about right though I think. I absolutely abhor the idea of burning out within the first mile so pacing has always been a big deal for me.

In general, the race was easy and I never once felt like I was overexerting myself. I did, however, push myself to pass people though. Other people in front of you is a GREAT motivator let me tell you.


Thumbs up!


Fast forward. I ran as fast as I could to the finish and after it was all said and done I found out my time.

Ready for this?




Wait…. what?!


OK, now I know that the race itself wasn’t exactly 3.1 miles but even adding an extra minute to my time would still be under 24 minutes. Was I REALLY going that fast? It sure as hell didn’t fell like it. Talk about surreal. If that really is how fast I was going, then that would mean I was going 8 minute miles and that would also mean that I scorched my previous time by 4 minutes.

Holy whoa. Does that mean I’m a real athlete now? I can dig that.


After, I was hungry and it’s quite awesome that the start/finish to the race is conveniently outside of Dalys. WHEE!

I made a beautiful sandwich and am so glad my camera was there to capture it.

Egg on whole wheat with spinach, tomato, a slice of ham and feta. The contrasting colors just look so lovely… you can’t see right now but I’m totally patting myself on the back for this.

On the side I had a spinach salad with carrots, edamame and some cranberries.

And some cantaloop


Andddd some coffee for good measure


It’s weird to think that I’ve been running for a full year now… I’m grateful though. So incredibly grateful. Running is everything I could have ever wanted. It makes me feel powerful, healthy and happy (not to mention it saved my life that one time)…who could ask for anything better? 😀

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