“This better be good”

Good afternoon all. I’m currently blogging from the giant screened computer from my house. Yes, that’s correct, I’m officially home for Thanksgiving break and it’s already been a pretty good time.

Gotta backtrack a bit first and keep up with the Rider food action.

Best snack ever. Except I’ve been going through greek yogurt withdrawal and haven’t had any at my disposal for a while now. I think the AB and granola and random Quaker Oats Squares make up for it though 😀

I like when AB gets super melty and amazing

Ooooh, aaaah. Fancy photos.

My breakfast yesterday morning was super awesome.

Look how happy all my food is. Ha bisky!

Dalys decided to stop hiding the toppings from me and I discovered chopped pecans as well as coconut. Along with the cranberries/raisins combo, it was definitely a treat and a half.

And look how well it photographs!

I feel that because of the evidence I have provided Dalys should take a long, hard look at their life choices read this and make the presence of delicious toppings a regular thing. Wishful thinking is my middle name!

You know the black bits in bananas…….are they tarantulas’ eggs?

Boosh reference FTW.

And now for home things. Here’s a home thing.

I’ve realized that Max will do anything he can to ruin potential adorable pictures. Case in point, closing his eyes for no apparent reason. Good job buckethead.

Homemade oatmeal is on it’s own level of greatness.

I kept it simple:

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1 SUPER ripe banana
  • Half of a slice of pumpkin raisin bread (First time doing something like this. Thumbs up.)
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter

Things photograph so much better in my house.


After some roaming, recipe finding and cartoon watching (Fairly Oddparents make my soul happy) I put on my game face and went out for a run.

To be honest, I haven’t had a run this awesome in a really long time. It was deliciously cold (40 degrees!) and 5 miles flew by like it was absolutely nothing. I easily could have kept going but I didn’t have my compression socks on and didn’t want to risk anything further. My bisky do I love the cold.

However, one thing I don’t particularly love is when every single bandana I own is in the wash.

It doesn’t look bad but believe me, my hair was a hot mess. Fo’ sho.

As I was taking this an old man in a truck pulled up alongside me so I threw my camera down and drove away. He looked offended. Whoops!

After a shower and laundry, I stood around my kitchen for 15 minutes and desperately tried to find something to eat. I decided on a Meghann classic.

Carrots, AB and lettuce in a whole wheat tortilla. I threw it on the George Foreman and it came out melty and the flavor combination of the AB and carrots was perfection. Yaaaaay for solutions to my lunch problems. 

Epic turkey day recap coming up! Stay tuneddd 😀

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One response to ““This better be good”

  1. kat

    carrots and AB?? that sounds so interesting!! ❤

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