I’m [not] a real boy!

I think my name should become Keri “Every-Other-Day” LaForge. This seems to be becoming a habit for me… remember when I wanted to be regular?



Sounds like someone’s blog isn’t getting enough fiber! Hahahahaha.



Ahem, apparently I can’t keep my hormones, dirty jokes or poo jokes out of my posts. I swear I’m not a 13 year-old boy.



I mean, 13 year-old boys don’t get an unusual amount of joy using Hello Kitty bowls and grandma mugs. Although, I don’t know too much about little fellas nowadays… maybe they DO enjoy things like that?

1/4 cup of LaForge trail mix, 1 tbsp peanuts and 1/3 cup chocolate “crack” Chex… and some afternoon delight coffee.



Oh look, a dirty reference. PG RATING LAFORGE. PG RATING.



In other news, esterday I finally got to enjoy my HMPB in a real meal.

I ended up dipping the apples AND the carrots in the PB.



Heyyyyyy PB, you be looking might smooth and mighty fine!

Oh my bisky I don’t know how I limited myself to just a tbsp… it’s just SO good! Also had some hummus because I also wanted to be able to dip the cucumbers.


But…but…but wait…EVERYTHING goes with nut butters. Why didn’t I think to try it? Food bloggers are adventurous! That’s it. I’m going to try it tomorrow. Keep a lookout for such a taste test. It’s happening.


Two days of oats. Both overtaken by an overabundance of cereal.

They both had the typical fixings (1/3 oats, 1/4 cup milk, 2/3 cup water) toppings varied though!



  • 1/3 cup cinnamon Chex
  • 1/3 cup multigrain Cheerios
  • 1 tbsp AB

Right (which I enjoyed FAR more):

  • I ended up making it somewhat “pie-like”. On top of the oats I put a few tbsps of vanilla yogurt mixed with 1 tsp WCPB
  • THEN I added 1/3 cup of crushed chocolate Chex
  • Also added 1/4 cup multigrain Cheerios… I should have crushed them too!


The layers of the oats and yogurt and crunchy top was incredible. Definitely a great twist on my usual bowl of oats. Layers are great!



Sidenote: I’m trying very hard to control my desire to throw in multiple jokes/quotes from Shrek about Donkey and layers and parfaits and onions. Instead, I just went to Youtube and watched the scene and laughed about it.


OK… so maybe I AM not a 13 year-old boy.



………..one that likes spinach!

I took the last of the liquid platinum and added a TON of steam bag spinach to it (at least 2 cups), a diced carrot for more color and a piece of cardboard. Not surprising anyone, I really enjoyed the spinach addition. It bulked up the nutrition like WHOA and eating it with cardboard? It was kind of like healthy spinach dip!


To finish up this post I’ve got a few random quips:

  • Old Navy is having some AMAZING sales. Everything is on clearance and then take an addition 50% off! I got 2 shirts and a dress for 10 bucks. I’m going back tomorrow, you should all go too.
  • My dog thinks he’s a mountain man

  • Swifter’s aren’t just for the floor anymore!
  • I started laughing like a loon when I saw her doing this. She didn’t think it was funny and proceeded to shove the Swifter in my face to prove the point that we do in fact need to sweep our walls.
  • When Nana saw me bring my laptop and get settled into my “office” she said out loud, “Damn, I have work to do too.”  From the sounds of it, Nana has decided that my blogging is “work”… I WISH THIS WAS WHAT I DID FOR A LIVING. I would be the happiest of all the 13 year-old boys!
  • Got to give a quick shout out to my girl Jessi! I know you’re reading this 😀


Last thing… the comments. Guys, you rock. The fact that everyone is so nice and actually come to read my blog makes me happier than I can possibly say. Whenever I see a comment I may or may not get REALLY gooey. Thank you everyone!



You all make me as happy as this picture of a little child dressed as Gandalf…

…and that’s A LOT.

(GIANT heart means extra love!)


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7 responses to “I’m [not] a real boy!

  1. Jessi <3

    Love it!!!!!!!

  2. That little Gandalf picture is hilarious!! Loved your spinach dip too!! Yum!!

  3. BAHAHAHAHA! Did you just sweet talk your HMPB!? love it! so smooth…! =)

  4. I wish I blogged for a living too 🙂 I also went to old navy and got some things…but of course i still ended up spending $75. I got like 10 things though so it evens out 🙂

  5. I agree, everything goes with nut butters. EVERYTHING!

  6. movesnmunchies

    ahahah i LOVE THIS and yes nut butters go with absolutely everything. there is no question about it!

  7. Your oats look so delish! I am about to go make some, but they prob never come out as good as yours. I think I need to feed my blog some more fiber too BTW 🙂

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