I feel complete now!

Again with the inconsistency! I feel like ever since I started this blog I started off almost EVERY post with a disclaimer about how useless I am sometimes.


So wait… I’m consistent about warning people about my inconsistency? PARADOX FTW!

I’ve been Rider University-ing all over place and already feel somewhat stressed…maybe because senioritis has hit me? Either way, despite how long it has seemed, it’s only been a week move-in!


Look! A familiar face… my favorite of all the snacks

Good old banana with Chobani, granola and AB. Out of all the things I recommend on this blog, THIS is towards the top. Texture, taste and filling? Check, check, check.





Can you sense my excitement? This past weekend I finally obtained a giant canister of oats out of necessity. Even my roomie commented that she couldn’t see me surviving until March without oatmeal. But alas, I now possess said oats and this morning’s breakfast was a beautiful thing.

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 2/3 cup water
  • Chopped up apple
  • Cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup plain Chobani
  • 2 tbsp Special K granola
  • 1 tbsp PB

Oh oatmeal, I have missed you terribly. Remind me to write you a sonnet about how great my love is.


Other food stuffs.

Another example of my love for colorful plates. Not too shabby looking right? If I had had some blueberries I could have had the entire rainbow represented.

  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Sauteed yellow peppers
  • Sweet potato
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Cranberries
  • Feta
  • Hummus
  • Mushrooms

Excuse my while I go give myself a metal for the amount of beauty I am able to procure. πŸ˜‰


Sometimes I pat myself on the back for unnecessary reasons.

OK, to be perfectly honest, I love this picture. Maybe it’s the light or the fact that I love Chobani or maybe it was my makeshift color wheel. Either way, I’m proud.


I do have the more “down to business” shot though!

A mixture of the reminder of the yogurt (maybe 1/2 a cup?), 1/3 cup cinnamon Chex and a tsp of homemade PB… and my Matt Smith background for good measure πŸ™‚


The larger containers of Chobani most definitely triumph over the individual serving ones. I know I say this a lot but the convenience of the resealable top is something I greatly appreciate. When Chobani comes out with these in pineapple I’ll probably jump around with joy and then go buy 16 of them.


Also, I’m a winning wrapper.

Usually, my wraps are weak and I get served, like all the time.



Hahaha, sorry…. I can’t help but make rapper jokes. My bad!



The trick to rolling a perfect wrap depends on how much stuff you put in it. Vegetables are tasty but voluminous. Carrots, tomatoes, edamame, spinach and mushrooms take up a lot of room. Add some turkey breast and hummus and you’ll be lucky if it doesn’t burst at the seams! Eating a wrap with a knife and fork just isn’t the same so this is just another instance when portion control plays a key roll in food preparation… don’t over stuff!



Last part of the post is to touch on the topic you’ve all been waiting for… my food writing class! In all of my college career, I have never been more aggressive about getting into a class, EVER. It was a two week process of back and forth nonsense with my adviser, the registrar’s office and eventually, the head of the English department. It was worth it though and I would fight even harder next time if I had to.


In a nutshell, this class is already everything I dreamed it would be. A topic of all food, all the time. To even begin to describe how many amazing topics we’ve covered already would entail a completely different post. However, yesterday we had a “food experiment” that definitely sparked my interest.


Enter, Miraculin.

Taken from it’s name it’s referred to as the “miracle fruit”. It’s a natural sugar substitute and the fruit bonds the sweet receptors on the tongue. When the taste buds are exposed to this, foods that are normally acidic and sour actually taste sweet. According to an article from Discovery Health, it’s extremely popular (particularly in pill form) with dieters, diabetics and even cancer patients that say the fruit helps ease a side effect taste caused by chemotherapy.


I had never heard of this before and was more than excited to be able to experience it first hand. Our professor, Dr. Goldie, handed us each a Miraculin tablet that we had to let dissolve in our mouths. After, we each sampled an array of foods to test. This included lemons, limes, salt and vinegar chips and pickles.

Upon first bite into the lemon, it was unbelievable. The normal impulse to make a silly pucker face was nowhere to be seen. Instead, it tasted with sweet lemonade and actually REALLY enjoyable. Kat and I were besides ourselves in shock… I mean, to be honest, I had no clue that such a thing even existed!

The lime was also sweet but not as much as the lemon. The pickle, as Amelia and I both realized, didn’t really possess a taste. The crunchy texture was still there but the sourness of the brine had vanished. Personally, the chip was my favorite. I despise salt and vinegar chips and am pretty repulsed by them. However, once again, the taste was gone and if I didn’t know any better I would have thought that I was eating a plain old potato chip!


And that was only the SECOND class. Bisky only knows what kind of incredible things we’ll be addressing as time goes on. Kids, it’s a foodie’s dream and I couldn’t be happier about it πŸ™‚



That’s all I’ve got. I try to keep bringing about updates about what we’re in the class because it would be just plain mean if I didn’t let you guys know! Maybe I’ll even break out the camera and get some pictures of stuff. Now that would be a bold blogger move! Guess we’ll see!



Have a good rest of the day everyone! ❀


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6 responses to “I feel complete now!

  1. GORGEOUS wrap darling! You have some mad wrapping skills =) ahaha!

    Love the idea of cho granola and PB on a banana. So making that soon. Id make it now if I had all the ingredients! ❀

    Happy Tuesday! ❀

  2. A food writing class sounds so cool!! I’d be doing everything I could to get in in too! Love your wrap. And great idea mixing Greek yogurt with Chex. LOVE chex!

  3. I love that you are taking a food writing class!! Sounds so exciting πŸ™‚
    The snoopy bowl is so cute!

  4. movesnmunchies

    GIRL I NEED THAT WRAP TUTORIal.. i honestly have never actually wrapped up my warp… FAILure beyond bel;ief… so i just tear and bite.. CUTE

  5. The Mircaculin (sp?) sounds amazing!

    I’m intrigued… I feel like I have to go find some of those pills now. Maybe I’ll be less of a picky eater. πŸ˜€

    Your class sounds awesome and absolutely perfect for you! And every time I read your blog it makes me want to eat more Chobani. Did I mention that my mom keeps buying it in bulk? I like it a lot, though it doesn’t like me.

    maybe I should invest in some lactaid pills when I look for the miraculin!

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