Pause, rewind, play

I said I would be here again. Hope you didn’t think I was lying!  Let’s just jump into the Tardis and go back in time a little bit. I stink at chronological order so whichever pictures happen to pop up first will be the ones that come first.


Sorry. And I can’t even blame it one being a college student. Now I’m just a super immature adult. That might pose as a problem. Oh well, no time to worry now. OK, second semester at Rider was amazing. It was stressful, wonderful and everything I wanted my remaining months at college to be.

Roomie and Kat randomly craved those Awesome Blossoms things from Outback Steakhouse and didn’t rest until they obtained them.

I’m not at a comfortable level of being able to eat some so I made them come to Dalys with me. They understand my crazy.

It was our first Easter without Mamere and although she wasn’t there physical, she was definitely there in spirit. Our family knows how to band together and make the best of all opportunities. She would have been proud of the Easter pie presented. LOOK HOW HUGE IT WAS.

Easily the size of Max. Easily.

Also for Easter, I made rice krispy eggs.

Not exactly egg-esq. but the intentions were there. They were filled with dark chocolate M&Ms so they get extra points for fancy!

It’s safe to say that I dedicated at least 80 percent of my time this entire semester to my food writing class. It got hard, REALLY hard. Constant reading, constant revising and I’m pretty sure I got a bald spot from the stress. Don’t get me wrong, it was all worth it. I learned more than I ever imagined and Dr. Goldie completely changed my perspective on what it means to be a food writer. Kids, I had the idea all wrong. Now, however, I think I have a much firmer grasp on how to further develop my skills.

That class was never dull though. When I say this I am referring to (besides drinking a wee too much wine on the last day of class!) the epic rainstorm food tour expedition of NYC the day AFTER Senior Ball. It was a day of ridiculous infamy but featured tons of amazing food. Places included:

Laboratorio del Gelato, which featured dozen upon dozens of sorbet and gelato flavors. Examples include basil, cheddar cheese and wine!

When with gelato, do as the gelato eaters do. And especially after the previous night of drinking and dancing, it was deserved.

The top layer was maple walnut crunch, the next layer (that tiny pink spot you see there) was beet and the bottom hidden layer was sweet potato. It’s incredible how accurate the tastes were and in the future I would love to see how they make them. The maple was my favorite but my mouth of sweet teeth is to blame for that.

Although we walked all over the city that day, the other place I desperately need to mention is Great NY Noodletown. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

1st row = shrimp dumplings (not actually on the menu!)/sea-salt baked scallops

2nd row = Sea-salt baked scallops, shrimp and squid/Amelia’s flowered chives with shrimp and mushrooms

3rd row = Kat’s enormous portion of Cantonese style noodles with beef and carrots/palate cleanser of sliced oranges

Kat, Amelia and I were more than fortunate enough to have Dr. Goldie sitting at the table with us. He is a frequent patron of the place and knew exactly what to order. I can’t wait to go back and get those soft-shelled crabs!

Before this post gets eaten (PUN INTENDED) by my ramblings about food writing, let’s throw in a couple pictures of other semester happenings. PREPARE YOURSELF, A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENED. 😀

There was lots fun boozetimes

SIDENOTE: I got an iTouch, hence the kind of shoddy pictures!

At Senior Ball I had a Manhattan, a’la Kath, and boy howdy, it was STRONG. Girl, you’re a champ to be drinking those!

People randomly fell asleep in the room

Night night Chris!

I had my first visit to a self-serve froyo place!

Cake batter and chocolate syrup and mango and strawberries and sprinkles and you.get.the.idea. I’ll venturing to these establishments more frequently, I can tell you that much!

We also all developed a lovely relationship with the club otherwise known as KatManDu

Also, I may or may not have run another 5K and I may or may not have finished first in my age division….. 😀 😀 😀

Yep that’s me, Pinkie LaPorch taking the prize! WHEE!

There are so many more pictures that I could post but it’s time to move on forward and officially begin my after-graduation bloglife. Who knows what lays in store for me but don’t worry everyone, you’ll be right there with me!

Have a fabulous rest of the day ❤


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2 responses to “Pause, rewind, play

  1. first in your age? that’s amazing!! congrats indeed.
    and a food writing class? I’ve never heard of something like that, but it sounds like a blast. I recently tried self serve froyo. Unfortunately I decided to mix too many flavors together and couldn’t really tell them apart. next time I’ll stick to two or three. I wish they’d had sweet potato though. I could die for that stuff!

  2. Congrats on the race!! That gelato looks awesome!! Sweet potato and maple walnut? Yes please!!

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