Life is weird sometimes. So much so that it makes me want to blog with underlying attempts at being poetic.


Life knows how to push your buttons.


Like when everything is confusing, nothing seems to work and you decide to permanently take residence in the Lonely Hearts Club.


Or when you get denied for a credit card and feel the urge to go get the word “UNEMPLOYED” tattooed on your forehead.


And when you can’t help but sometimes remember how deep your roots run.


*Insert orchestra of tiny violins*


I’m not whining; Keri LaForge does not flow like that. I just figure that in life there has to be a balance of good and bad or then there’s no actual depth or true meaning. Makes sense anyway.


Life certainly knows how to make up for it though.

Like when your favorite flowers hang out in your backyard


Or when a 12 year-old manages to make you feel like Katy Perry.


When food is wonderful and vibrant, not an enemy.


You realize the only man you need right now is fuzzy and has four legs


When not all angels are the weeping kind


And random yoga in the living room is the cure for any negativity.


Looking at the sky brings you comfort


And houses explode with rainbows.


You realize that looking forward to everything and nothing at the same time is normal. Actually, it’s more than normal, it’s expected. You’re not fighting a losing battle…it’s not even a battle at all.

Life is stupidly fabulous and for that I raise my [imaginary] bottle of whiskey to you. You’re one hell of an oxymoron.

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