When the Doctor regenerates into his 11th body, he crash lands in the yard of a house and meets a little girl named Amelia Pond. He promises Amelia that he will come back with his flying box and take her on adventures. So she waited for him.  He did come back for her, it just took a lot longer than she expected. 12 years to be precise.

Amy Pond is the girl who waited.

Patience is a tricky thing. I can wait on long grocery lines with a smile on my stupid face but would rather drive off a cliff then wait in traffic for 15 minutes. Three hours to bake a loaf of bread is no problem. Letting it cool, however, is something I don’t have time for; stick that shit in the freezer. Not for nothing, I think I have pretty decent patience and enduring long times is something I pride myself on being fairly decent at.

Where does the line begin to get fuzzy though? When does the wait become too much? Hope and optimism can take you amazingly far when you have enough invested. After a while though, I think your self-esteem, mental health and, depending the situation, your heart, start falling apart a bit. It gets to be too much. You become cynical about it. You start going nuts.

Some people can wait, patience of a saint and whatnots. Amy did and I think that was partially because of how fiercely spirited she was. Had that endurance and that self-awareness (not to mentioned she’s just a BAMF). Granted, this is a fictional show but the relation to real life is still there. You have to be bold, brave and dedicated to the idea of waiting for what seems forever for something you want. You have to forget that the wait could be for nothing. You have to believe, when it comes down to a single fact and the one thing to push you forward.

I want to believe I can be Amelia Pond, but I don’t think I can.


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