Who’s that girl?


Sup? I’m Keri.

I like a lot of things. You know, like nodding at people and saying, “Sup”

Here are some other things that make me gooey.

Exhibit A: Maxwell the dog.

Exhibit B: Baking rainbow cupcakes

Exhibit C: Tractors

Exhibit D: Running

Exhibit E: Collecting fun license plates

Exhibit F: Apolo Anton Ohno

Exhibit G: Almond Butter

Exhibit H: Glitter/Natalie Dee comics

Exhibit I: Making snow angels

Exhibit J: Matt Smith/Doctor Who in general



I also like coffee. Yep.



The likes of my life are not limited to exhibits A through I. This list also includes being an English major, my fam/friends, tequila, having big teeth, nerdy things, hummus and the number 16.


4 responses to “Who’s that girl?

  1. movesnmunchies

    i love you already… esp because we have the same name 😀

    -Maxwell is so adorable!!
    -I made rainbow cupcakes like that once, too! They were SO beautiful, I couldn’t get over them. Nobody else understood how awesome they were.
    -I love Apolo Ohno, I was OBSESSED with him during the last Winter games.

  3. rainbow muffins nom nom coffee slurp.

  4. I love your blog! Your writing is so funny 😀

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