Job hunting is sucky and even How I Met Your Mother is about resumes and being unemployed. So much for using TV as an escape from real life.

You’re lucky you’re perfect sir.

Still, the job thing is hitting me hard. What I’m going to do with my life is nonexistent and I’m starting to get stressed out again. It’s like having deadlines all over again and I feel more useless the longer I go being without a job. My anxiety is getting in the way too. I could easily be a waitress but my fear of people is keeping me from doing it. It’s frustrating but I’m trying to keep optimistic.

FACT: You know something isn’t quite right when you actually consider the idea of stripping to make money. That wouldn’t work on a couple different levels...but that’s besides the point. No, I’m not going to strip for money but I contemplated it.Β 

Oooooh self-worth, you have officially and completely left the building. Let’s move on, shall we?

I feel that GIFs of Misha Collins instantly make everything in life better. Especially when he’s winking….mmmmmmm.

Max and I don’t share the same views about how attractive men are when they wink.


Like I said yesterday, even with a camera in my possession now I STILL keep forgetting to take pictures. Breakfast keeps falling through despite my infinite love for it. Eh, I’ll just leave a sticky note for myself tomorrow. No biggie.

Aaaaaand, there’s the 13 year-old boy. Case in point, another reason why I can’t be a stripper.


Um, I resurrected the old favorite of SIAB!


  • Half a banana
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1/2 cup mango
  • A scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup milk

I got to break out the Magic Bullet…. MY GOOD FRIEND HOW I’VE MISSED YOU SO! I topped the bowl with 1/3 cup of Cheerios and had at it. The smoothie was thicker than usual (TWSS) and it must have been because of the lack of liquid. Usually I throw in water along with the mix but now I know.

Less smoothie more soup!


Cas help me but here’s a picture of dinner

*shifty eyes*

Yep, this is #5. There was beef sitting in our fridge, my dad wanted to use all of it for meat sauce and before I could stop myself….there was a Swiss pita burger in front of me. On the side I had a huge pile of romaine and a cut-up carrot and broccoli.


I need to interrupt myself to give a shout out to whole wheat pitas. At Rider I lived off these things and thought we had said our official goodbyes when I graduated. And then I found them at Corrados…for 99 cents a pack….I made Chubby buy four. They’re perfect for freezing and, in my opinion, are the ideal 150 calorie dose of healthy carbs. I’ll post the name of the brand tomorrow so everyone can experience the happiness too!


Lack of pictures, overabundance of less-than-awesome topics and TMI about stripping. But look… I’m posting consecutively two days in a row!


It’s all worth it though…and you know why? Beeeeeecauseeeee



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Party, party, party.

Weekend update! How is everyone? Hope everything is fine and dandy and wonderful and all those other adjectives that bring forth positive feelings.


What’s that? Oh, how was MY weekend? Well shucks, thank you for askingggggggg.


Yes, I am aware that no one actually asked but alas, I’m going to torture you readers anyway.


The sign of goodness…even the dog statue is passed out asleep.

I didn’t wash my car and didn’t run 6.2 miles. Oops. It’s OK though, I did others that were just as awesome. Like breaking in my oldΒ  new camera with pictures of flowers. My niece and her friend went swimming at my uncle’s pool and, as the useless chaperone I am, took advantage of the wildlife around me.

I’m not sure why but this purple one is my favorite for some reason…


A little while later it was time my cousin Alyssa’s high school graduation party. She’s absolutely fabulous and talented and I know she’s going to be so successful and I remember when we used to sing a song called “Running In Motion” and be hooligans everywhere and oooooh boy look at me gushing everywhere.



My parents fell in love with this and talked about it for at least 50% of the time.


And they had the nice balloons too. YAY!

Happy face, you are oh so comforting.


Sidenote: Had a run-in with a real balloon on Saturday and I can confirm that I still are afraid of them. Bollocks…


The food at the party was a plethora of choices!

This plate includes pasta salad (mostly broccoli and maybe 4 noodles?), some shrimp and rice (mostly shrimp, not a lot of rice), half a piece of Chicken Marsala, a piece of a turkey/Swiss cheese wrap and some tomato and mozzarella salad.

I loved the tomato and mozzarella salad the most. Lots of cherry tomatoes with the addition of black and green olives and the drizzle of olive oil and herbs gave it a great flavor. I didn’t even mind the pieces of onion that were there!

My drink (I only had one!) Instead of drinking a beer or wine or even a margarita like a normal party goer, I was the tool who opened the new bottle of Jack Daniels and made a Jack and Coke. What can I say? This girl likes her whiskey πŸ˜€

I managed to get a chocolate chunk cookie on the way out (no picture) but I have this guy to make up for it

Today I made sure to get some running in. I had errands to run and had to drop the niece off at tutoring and eat some mango (totally important!) but ran for about 45 minutes in our treadmill in the garage. Judging by my own interpretation of my speed I’d say a little under 4.5 miles? Everything on that thing is wonky so I have to gauge it myself! Either way, I was sweating le’ buckets and that’s all that mattered πŸ˜€


So, next party was for my other cousin Sumner’s confirmation. She also happens to be fabulous and talented and I liked that we always seem to laugh at the exact same things and OH LOOK I’M GUSHING AGAIN HOW NICE. Haha.


Her 8th grade graduation party is NEXT Sunday so just a heads up on that… make sure to bring your anti-gush hats and trench coats.

What in bisky’s name would we do if our front door wasn’t reflective? For one thing…I probably wouldn’t be doing idiotic things like THIS. For shame.


I didn’t take a picture of my food and I take full blame for this. After not blogging for so long I’ve gotten shy about whipping it [camera] out.

Just try to picture a plate with a bunch of salad on it, a few pieces of broccoli, a piece of Chicken Marsala (sounds like someone is getting around!), and sausage and peppers (heavy on the peppers)… I think next time I forget I might literally draw a picture. That would be both helpful and entertaining. Mostly entertaining because I can’t draw to save my life.

I DID get a dessert picture though!

Pile of mixed fruit, a small piece of brownie and, of course, a slice of cake. It was chocolate cake with a Oreo whipped cream frosting, complete with pieces of actual Oreo cookies in it. My mom and sister thought it was too sweet but that was what I liked most about it. My sweet teeth know what they like and anyway I cannot even begin to remember the last time I had an Oreo….. it’s been a loooooooooooooong time so this made me very happy!


Yay family parties and family, er, familyness!

He was extremely depressed that he couldn’t go to any of the events. Sorry guy, you’re still a very important part of the family! ❀


Until tomorrow my friends, nighty nighty!

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Will run for doughnuts and burgers

It’s only been ONE day and I’m here again. Oh yeah, raise daaaaaa roof.


So, first and foremost, happy holidays! And by holidays I mean Happy National Running Day and Happy National Doughnut Day! My running celebration is a day late but I made up for it with a 4 mile run this afternoon.

As I was stretching by my car I had the pleasure of being honked at by a garbage man that drove past, hence the lackluster smile and weak thumb formation.

MusclesGlasses was not amused.

Either way, it was a lovely run and I’ve got a 6.2-er lined up for early tomorrow morning so yay for consistent running again!


Moving on. It’s a rather good thing that I didn’t post about my less-than-awesome doughnuts yesterday. Let’s talk doughnuts shall we? As you all know, I my niece received a doughnut maker for Christmas that I enjoyed playing with. Two days ago I was feeling doughnut frisky and decided playtime was overdue.

Result pictures first, talky talk after

Aesthetically, not appealing at all.




SIDENOTE: Long story short, I went to the local pawn shop with Chubby and bought myself a $55 digital camera. Still a Sony Cyber shot, just an older version. Again, this is temporary until I get some money rolling in and am able to buy a better camera. I’m content that I have a camera again though, it does the job…..THANK YOU PAWN SHOP!


Back to doughnuts. The resulting title for my creation “Whole Wheat Chocolate Cherry Sunflower Seed Doughnuts”. Taste wise, they were so-so. Whole Wheat flour is a tricky mistress and the flavor is very distinct and pretty hard to cover up.

I gave one to Liz and gave her a warning that they were mediocre at best. She, being the great friend she is, said it tasted good but the components were very separate from each other. Makes sense though. After a couple test runs I started adding everything into the batter hoping to mask the “healthy” that the doughnuts had. Even with cocoa powder, cherry extract, honey, chocolate covered sunflower seeds AND 4 Hersheys Kisses (LOL) it was still there!

The recipe has already been tweaked considerably so next time around I’m going to focus more on taste as opposed to nutritionally based. Not going to bother posting the recipe because I want to present something that I’m super proud of. Always room for improvement!



(Liz: “Don’t you love that I insist on you taking pictures of my food as well?”)

I rarely drink Frappuccinos, VERY rarely. However, when Liz mentioned her new obsession that was the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino from Starbucks, I had to give in. Coconut is one of my favorite things on earth and gotta try everything at least once!


I got the skinny version of it in an attempt to lessen my preempted ED-induced guilt. There are some things that you just can’t feel guilty about and this is one of them. It does in fact taste like a Mounds bar.

Check out the layers!


Again, trying to restrain myself from making a Shrek joke about parfaits and onions. Control LaForge, have some self-control… it’s just a movie for kids, not the Bible on DVD. You don’t have to make references to it constantly!


Exploiting my own inner conflicts on a public blog. SMART.


Guess what I had for dinner…….

Yep, what we’ve got here is #4. Plain burger with a slice of swiss cheese and covered in ketchup. The rest of the plate is a forest of romaine, cucumbers, carrot sticks, some almond slices and a tiny drizzle of balsamic.

Oh baby I’m just getting started. Who knows how many more burgers await future me?!? I hope lots and lots of them.


And for “dessert”

Vodka Creamsicle, compliments of my mom and a premade plastic jug from Costco. She insisted I drink some and kept asking if I wanted more. I said no after this glass and she ended up drinking the majority of it. Have at it woman, you legit deserve some boozy times πŸ˜€


And that’s all I’ve got kids. This weekend is somewhat jam packed and includes a graduation party, a confirmation party, more running and car washing!


Have a fabulous night ❀

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like…summer!

I really thought I would be able to get back into a routine but apparently that was asking for too much. IrregularGirlFTW.


If I still used AIM, that would be my screenname.

Fun Fact: I made my first screenname ever in 3rd grade (I think) and it was KerSpice89. Take a wild guess where that came from πŸ˜€


Moving on. Let’s get some photos up in this joint, shall we?

Max is a mountain goat and proceeded to rip the leaves off this bush for ten minutes straight. Look how happy he looks though!


I’ve been getting back into a baking groove.

Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies! I tweaked the recipe a considerable amount, however. This includes the addition of flax seed, taking out the recommended 1/2 of granulated sugar entirely and using apple sauce instead of butter. You can’t taste the difference, I promise!


Foreshadowing moment: Tomorrow’s post, hopefully, will be about my the failure mini-doughnuts I made today. Let’s just say that after a while my doughy adventure turned into a game of throwing whatever I could think of into the mix just so they would taste at least remotely decent.


I’ve been making my way around and trying to do that whole “celebrating graduation” thing.

2:00 diner run with Liz. This is a common occurance and very typical of us. She asked me to take a picture of her enjoying the smell of her taylor ham sandwich. HA.


There’s also been a bunch of awesomely amazing graduation parties. I WOULD post pictures of said parties/said party food stuffs but I have some bad news to share with everyone.


My camera is gone.

I actually don’t really want to talk about it that much. What I will say is that I have no idea where it is and have torn my entire life apart trying to find it. I’ve been legit depressed about it and don’t really have the money to buy a new one. Le sigh.

So as of now, iTouch camera is where it’s at until further notice. The pictures aren’t too shabby and I’m grateful that I still have something to document my life with.

I mean, what would I do if I couldn’t document the act of a nice husband holding his wife’s handbag. Yeah, nope. It’s his purse. At least it matches his outfit!


Random watermelon interval.

This is Theodore. He was my company in the backseat during the trip to the Poconos on Memorial Day. Not too talkative though; he wanted to sleep the whole time. It’s OK though because that trip was ballin’ and a three-quarters πŸ˜€


I need to get this out before I go any further. This has become the summer of burgers.

Oooh boy, I certainly am a creepy kind of girl now aren’t I? And yes, Meat Beef will be forever where it’s at.


Something in my brain has snapped. It’s been burgers nonstop. I complained about not getting one and even implied (via Facebook) that violence would be inevidable if my desire was not fulfilled.


I finally did get my burger. However, instead of taking the craving away, it’s still here! Summer Meat Beef Bonanza 2011 has officially begun. I’m going to count and photograph every burger I eat this summer, it’s happening.


#1: Plain burger topped with a TON of fresh salsa that my aunt had made. On the side was some beans (I may or may not love beans…) and some pasta salad which I ended up only eating the veggies out of.

#2: Swiss cheeseburger with mushrooms, ketchup and hummus on a multigrain thin bread.

#3: Cheeseburger from a good ole’ fashioned diner.

This one had a special addition though……

Yep. BaconStripsandBaconStripsandBaconStripsandBaconStripsandBaconStripsandBaconStrips.


Quick plug-in advertisement right hur: EPICMEALTIME. I have fallen in love with this Youtube channel and am not ashamed. It’s basically the most extreme food porn you’re ever going to see and it will excite you and probably make you feel kind of queasy at the same time. Those offended by fast food, bacon overloads, Jack Daniels, cursing and closeups of men shoving their faces in food should NOT watch it. I recommend it either way though.

Also, I want my nickname to be MusclesGlasses…. just saying πŸ˜€


Backtracking now, chances are I’m NOT going to be eaten just burgers all summer. In retrospect, the diner one was the odd man out. The others, I know for a fact, were at least 90% lean ground beef and I kept them pretty simple and balanced them out with other nutritionally positive foods. Burgers are awesome and should not be feared, as I learned from a certain blogger boy!


Again, another fairly weak entry on my behalf. The schedule needs to be established and a soon everything will fall into place because I’ve trained myself to be optimistic like that. Word up.

I leave thee with Otis and pancakes.

The ones left were homemade by Mr. & Mrs. Griffing, after I drunkenly crashed in their guest room, and topped with banana, coconut and walnuts. The ones on the right are from my first trip EVER to Cracker Barrel. They’re multi-grain and granola and were OHMYCASTAKETHEWHEEL good. No need for that giant globby of butter, that’s for sure!

Until tomorrow my loves. I’ll be here, I promise ❀


What was YOUR first screenname? Throw ’em out there despite how embarassing they may be. We’ve alllllll done it!

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Pause, rewind, play

I said I would be here again. Hope you didn’t think I was lying!Β  Let’s just jump into the Tardis and go back in time a little bit. I stink at chronological order so whichever pictures happen to pop up first will be the ones that come first.


Sorry. And I can’t even blame it one being a college student. Now I’m just a super immature adult. That might pose as a problem. Oh well, no time to worry now. OK, second semester at Rider was amazing. It was stressful, wonderful and everything I wanted my remaining months at college to be.

Roomie and Kat randomly craved those Awesome Blossoms things from Outback Steakhouse and didn’t rest until they obtained them.

I’m not at a comfortable level of being able to eat some so I made them come to Dalys with me. They understand my crazy.

It was our first Easter without Mamere and although she wasn’t there physical, she was definitely there in spirit. Our family knows how to band together and make the best of all opportunities. She would have been proud of the Easter pie presented. LOOK HOW HUGE IT WAS.

Easily the size of Max. Easily.

Also for Easter, I made rice krispy eggs.

Not exactly egg-esq. but the intentions were there. They were filled with dark chocolate M&Ms so they get extra points for fancy!

It’s safe to say that I dedicated at least 80 percent of my time this entire semester to my food writing class. It got hard, REALLY hard. Constant reading, constant revising and I’m pretty sure I got a bald spot from the stress. Don’t get me wrong, it was all worth it. I learned more than I ever imagined and Dr. Goldie completely changed my perspective on what it means to be a food writer. Kids, I had the idea all wrong. Now, however, I think I have a much firmer grasp on how to further develop my skills.

That class was never dull though. When I say this I am referring to (besides drinking a wee too much wine on the last day of class!) the epic rainstorm food tour expedition of NYC the day AFTER Senior Ball. It was a day of ridiculous infamy but featured tons of amazing food. Places included:

Laboratorio del Gelato, which featured dozen upon dozens of sorbet and gelato flavors. Examples include basil, cheddar cheese and wine!

When with gelato, do as the gelato eaters do. And especially after the previous night of drinking and dancing, it was deserved.

The top layer was maple walnut crunch, the next layer (that tiny pink spot you see there) was beet and the bottom hidden layer was sweet potato. It’s incredible how accurate the tastes were and in the future I would love to see how they make them. The maple was my favorite but my mouth of sweet teeth is to blame for that.

Although we walked all over the city that day, the other place I desperately need to mention is Great NY Noodletown. I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

1st row = shrimp dumplings (not actually on the menu!)/sea-salt baked scallops

2nd row = Sea-salt baked scallops, shrimp and squid/Amelia’s flowered chives with shrimp and mushrooms

3rd row = Kat’s enormous portion of Cantonese style noodles with beef and carrots/palate cleanser of sliced oranges

Kat, Amelia and I were more than fortunate enough to have Dr. Goldie sitting at the table with us. He is a frequent patron of the place and knew exactly what to order. I can’t wait to go back and get those soft-shelled crabs!

Before this post gets eaten (PUN INTENDED) by my ramblings about food writing, let’s throw in a couple pictures of other semester happenings. PREPARE YOURSELF, A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENED. πŸ˜€

There was lots fun boozetimes

SIDENOTE: I got an iTouch, hence the kind of shoddy pictures!

At Senior Ball I had a Manhattan, a’la Kath, and boy howdy, it was STRONG. Girl, you’re a champ to be drinking those!

People randomly fell asleep in the room

Night night Chris!

I had my first visit to a self-serve froyo place!

Cake batter and chocolate syrup and mango and strawberries and sprinkles and you.get.the.idea. I’ll venturing to these establishments more frequently, I can tell you that much!

We also all developed a lovely relationship with the club otherwise known as KatManDu

Also, I may or may not have run another 5K and I may or may not have finished first in my age division….. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Yep that’s me, Pinkie LaPorch taking the prize! WHEE!

There are so many more pictures that I could post but it’s time to move on forward and officially begin my after-graduation bloglife. Who knows what lays in store for me but don’t worry everyone, you’ll be right there with me!

Have a fabulous rest of the day ❀


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Well, would you look at that?

Somebody may or may not have graduated from college yesterday.

It may or may not have been me…

My college career is over and now I honestly have no idea where my life is going now. What I do know? This blogger girl is back, baby, and ready to take the blogworld by storm.

Smoshed cookie say what?!

This post is a “WELCOME BACK ME!” kind of deal and I’m going to throw up another post after this one with what will basically be a summary of my second semester at Rider.


They’ll let anyone graduate from college nowadays, I swear.



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Unfortunately I don’t have the proper time at the moment to put together a legitimate post. My life for the past month has been filled with dancing, school work related stress, my first ever migraine, spring break, a bum foot, Sucker Punch and other shenanigans that make up my life.

But alas, I’ve got pictures, LOTS of them. Let’s do this thing.

Fancy glasses of peach tea.

Gave a salad from Wendys a whirl. Grilled chicken, blue cheese, pecans and apple pieces atop a pile of greens. For what it worth, it was pretty good. It’s a solid go-to meal when fast food is the only option. Next time though, I would get the full sized portion. This little guy was tasty but definitely not enough grub for me.

Not too shabby looking either!

I made chocolate chia pudding a couple weeks ago using chocolate soy milk. For the rest of the chia seeds I have, I’m going to go with the vanilla. The flavor was better.

My mom gave me a new mug with a positive affirmation

Fancy parfaits in alcohol glasses.

(with granola, chia pudding and vanilla yogurt)

Home oats are homey and STILL provides the best source of lighting possible.

And of course being home means GREEK CITY.

Grilled calamari on top of an Athena salad

FRESH HUMMUS! Be still my beating heart.

Grape leaves, SO GOOD.

Liz was the one who reminded me to take pictures! And as you can see by said pictures, why the heck would I forget in the first place? Delicious, healthy and photographs beautifully. Greek food FOR THE WIN.


You’ve heard about them, you’ve seen my post dedicated to my recreation of them and now, you get to see where my obsession first came from…I present to thee, Melomakaronas.

(and Starbucks for good measure!)

This is, without a single doubt, the best cookie/dessert I have ever had in my life. Moist and sweet and absolutely incredible and I can’t think of enough words that would suffice to describe how I feel. Eating it sparked my love back up and once I get a kitchen in my grasps, yet another recreation is going to be happening. FO’ SHO.


Kat and I had a lovely homemade breakfast over Spring break when we spontaneously had a sleepover.

Scrambled eggs and home fries from a bag and an unpictured cup of coffee from her Keurig! Like I said, lovely πŸ™‚




Sidenote: Keurig totally has my name in it. Just saying.



And that’s all I’ve got. I know I’m repeating myself but my life has been busy, busy. busy and busy for the past month now. I feel like I literally have had no time to sit down and type up an entertaining post that was good enough to publish. I’m trying my best to get things done but it’s hard, you know?

What I hope you do know, my bloggy blogs, is that I love you all dearly and there will be a time (hopefully in the near future!) that I’ll be back to the blogging world and be back to my commenting/posting/creeping ways!

Drunk Tardis and I are off to continue existing and stuff. Have a great rest of the day everyone, I love you allllllll! ❀


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On location!

Holaaaa! Thanks so much for the well wishes my lovely lovely blog peeps. I’m feeling about 99% better and my cough is next to being completely gone so take that sickness! Healthy will always prevail in the end… like justice!


Anyway, my Intro. to American Studies class was canceled so I’m sitting in Cranberrys blog reading (so Google Reader will stop SCREAMING at me) I just ate this because I almost chewed my arm off

Incorrectly rotated picture is incorrect.


I don’t remember ever having had this flavor before but it tasted like an oatmeal raisin cookie with frosting. Oatmeal raisin cookies aren’t suppose to have frosting… are they? Either way, all my appendages are still in tact and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with anything covered in frosting so I’d call this one a win.



Sidenote: I got the Photobucket app for my Itouch and that is the ONLY reason that I’m able to blog right now. Cord free is the way to be!



That’s not how that phrase goes.



……it’s not?



Oh. I see. Good job Ninja Turtles, way to have positive morals.



Moving on. Yesterday I had sushi for the first time in a while

A super basic spicy tuna roll. It was satisfactory at best. There was WAY too much white rice and slightly spice kick was no where to be tasted. I ended up using all the wasabi (something I never do) because I craved the heat so much. Sushi at Rider is a tricky mistress; the chances of getting it good aren’t exactly favorable. Oh well, live and learn!


Sometimes I talk to Kat about Greek food and then proceed to eat my body weight in hummus.

OK, not my body weight exactly but more hummus that usual. I ate ALL of it too and have a fear that Dalys is spoiling me into think I can eat unhealthy amounts of the stuff whenever I want. I’m not even going to think about what I’ll be like after a graduate….



“What do you MEAN this is all I get?!?! If you don’t give me more hummus I’m going to rip your heart out.”




Another incentive to get a good job.




Just realized that my incentives for making money are to support my hummus and nut butter habits. Somehow, I don’t think that’s normal.



Weekend wrap tradition! This guy bit the dust, so to speak. Overstuffing led to a pretty unpleasant crime scene. I’ll spare you the gruesome aftermath.

For the record, the cantaloop was not a component to the wrap. It just needed to sit there because I didn’t want to unnecessarily dirty another plate.



  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Feta
  • Tomatoes
  • Slice of ham
  • Red peppers
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms



Sorry to spring something so graphic on all of ya. Hope no one was too squeamish and if you were…..whoops! In all seriousness though, the wraps always taste delicious despite their not-so-lovely appearance. Although, doesn’t it look kind of like a bird sort of thing with it’s wings and all?Β  That makes it a little nicer to look at… right? πŸ˜‰


I just realized that it hasn’t been a week since I last posted. WOO! I’ve got to head out (it’s finally time for lunch!) but within the next few posts I’ll be covering the following:

  • NEDAwareness week
  • My exercise as of lately
  • The film Food Inc. (just watched it in food writing)
  • ANOTHER new Chobani flavor


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Sickness will NEVER hold me down.

Almost been a week exactly. Hmm. I’m noticing a “Weekend Update” pattern starting to set in. Who do I think I am? Tina Fey?


Actually, I really wouldn’t mind beingΒ  Tina Fey.

I’ve decided I want to be her AND Chelsea Handler when I grow up. A love child of the two if you will. A girl can dream, right? πŸ˜€



Another irrelevant fine way to begin a post! Let’s get onto the good stuff. And by good stuff, I actually mean the complete LACK of stuff I’ve done this week due to being sick.



Headache, aches, fever, fatigue, hackinghackinghacking cough and general wonkiness as far as the eye can see. This BLACK DEATHHH (as it was lovingly named) got me, roomie, Kat and my 4 apartment girls down the hall… ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about good timing eh?


It started Sunday afternoon and it hit really hard on Valentines Day of all days! I thought it was hilarious and kept saying, “This is what happens when you don’t have a man on Valentines Day, you get the flu!”

Actually, Jensen and Jared ended up being our dates. They helped, a lot.

We have special feelings about these guys… I have nothing else to say on the matter πŸ˜‰


The DEATHHH has been slowly been decreasing since then and things are beginning to return back to normal. In the spirit of normal, here’s some pictures. Sickness caused me to slack in this department. My badddddd!


You know what isn’t bad though? Trying a new Chobani flavor!

This has definitely made it’s way to the higher part of my Chobani listing. I have mixed feelings about raspberry flavored things but this was just so GOOD. I had it with half of a cut up apple and a bunch of chocolate Goldfish and it was like eating dessert the whole time! Top five Chobani flavors. Ready? GO.


(ranked from favorite to least)

  1. Pineapple
  2. Vanilla
  3. Peach
  4. Plain
  5. Raspberry


Dost thou agree or did you throw things at the screen in disgust? Let me hear your favorite flavors!


Oatmeal was definitely a good friend this week. You know, especially when I decided to not leave my room for almost two days.

I love this bowl, SO MUCH. And I also love Cate because although she might not completely understand my love for bowls, she humors me anyway ❀



  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 tbsp flax
  • Half a banana
  • 1/3 cup cinnamon Chex
  • 1 tbsp Special K granola
  • 1 tbsp AB

With a mixture like this, it makes it hard to feel sick!


Sidenote: I miss Kashi. I’m going to steal some from Dalys.



I revisited an old friend on Thursday. It’s been a while.

Oh hello Clif Bar, fancy seeing you here! I haven’t had this flavor in a longgggg time and kind of forgot how much of a replica to real carrot cake this is. It was complete with considerably large pieces of carrot and randomly placed frosting blobs. However, it was so much sweeter than I remember it to be! My sweet tooth is a powerful being so for me to say that really does mean something. Yeehaw!


Random happy sweet potato?

Maturity level = 0%



*shifty eyes*


And, er, that’s it. Hahahahaha.



Oh wait, here’s a taste of what my food writing class has been like.

From left to right we have a piece of an Asian pear, maramite on a spoon (whoa bisky whoa) and sprigs of fresh thyme.



Sorry about the pun.



This exercise was so much harder than I thought. While I’m pretty good with words, when put on the spot to describe the taste and smell of these foods, the words were nowhere to be seen! Although slightly disheartening, it’s a completely different aspect of food and only fuels my passion for it even more. Wheeeeeee!



Have a good day everyone…… don’t get blown away though, it’s super windy out! πŸ˜€


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Cookies > blogging?!?

…..well, this is a little shameful now isn’t it?



More than a week.







Urrrrrggggwaaaarrrggggggg <—————–the cry of defeat that I use during battle



In all seriousness though, I’ve been neglectful to the blog community like whoa and my Google Reader would have murdered me by now if it could have. I really need to fix my schedule and make time to blog/read blogs.Β  Have I apologized for my incredible amounts of SUCK yet? I suck, I’m sorry bloggies!




Let’s just jump right into it.


Whole wheat pitas at Dalys = WIN

(It was one of times that I forgot to take a picture until I was halfway done… oops!)


Repetition is my middle name. Enter sauteed red peppers and squash.

My repetition also includes:

  • Spinach
  • Hummus
  • Feta
  • Grilled chicken
  • Cranberries

Pretty sure these have become permanent fixtures in my life/heart… I mean, adding cranberries to anything will result in a great combination no matter what. Well, OK, maybe that’s not true but I have yet to find something of the sort.



Sidenote: I never did try that cucumbers with peanut butter thing. Need to put that on my to-do list!


Cookie Friday has been celebrated every week as planned (Oh, so I see where the priorities are……le sigh)

My current Starbucks obsession is the skinny caramel macchiato. I never used to be a fan of caramel drinks but this works for me because it’s more of a subtle richness as opposed to a frappuccino that, in comparison, always seems to have about cup of caramel per drink! It’s about quality, not quantity!



The Fine Arts building on campus likes to hid positive affirmations everywhere. Case in point, I found these two in a bathroom stall

It’s always heartwarming to see things like this. I may or may not have contributed an Operation Beautiful sticky πŸ™‚



Random, this bagel thinks it’s cool.

Literally. Bwahahahaha.



Seriously, I shouldn’t be allowed to exist when I pull out jokes this. I’ve noticed that this semester my sense of humor has caused me to become very “punny” and I can’t control myself!



Speaking of control, remember that time I patted myself on the back because of my wrapping skillz? Old habits die hard and alas, I got served again.

Womp womp womp. Pretty sure I started saying TO the wrap that I enjoyed eating it’s intestines.



…..I’m not even going to touch that one…..



Er, intestines included:

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Feta
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • Cranberries (because Merlin forbid I don’t add these things to EVERYTHING… must be a Rider thing. I mean, I do bleed cranberries after all!)


Look what’s slowly coming back into season! PEACHES!

Remember when I said I was getting sick of them? Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder and our reunion was sweet. Again, literally.





And, for humor purposes mainly, I give thee Jersey garbage

I first had my ice cream (soft-server cake batter, come on, who could resist that?!?) in a cone. Then I decided I wanted chocolate syrup…



Sidenote: I REALLY LIKE CHOCOLATE SYRUP, like a lot. I’ve DRANK chocolate syrup on more than one occasion and can’t even pretend to be ashamed by such a fact.

This picture was the result and Kat thought it hilarious to call it Jersey garbage, meaning it looks like something one would get from the Jersey Shore. Good to know my Jersey roots run deep! And anyway they should serve this on the boardwalk, it was ballin’.




This post is probably as close to a legit update that I’m going to be able to come up with. Hopefully I’ll get the schedule A-flowing and my level of suck will thus decrease into nothingness! Here’s to hoping kids… enjoy the day! ❀


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