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Au Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus! (bless you!)

Oh hi again! This might be the first time that I’m blogging twice in the same day. Now normally I never seem to be able to manage such a thing but I actually am! Oh hey Keribop food blogger…. what’s up?!?!? 😀

My dinner was SO tasty and I feel obligated to post about it. It was the kind of dinner that is just kind of one of those things that I’m going to miss about being home.


Oh it may look plain but looks can be deceiving; this is one of my favorite things to exist on this planet. Chubby Chubby makes it every so often but when he does…. oh my bisky. The flavor is perfect, with only a hint of the onion taste, it’s creamy despite the small amount of heavy cream used, it’s simply made (only 5 ingredients) and it ranks quite well on the calorie scale. This soup is a WIN all around…. I had two bowls 🙂

My dinner, like the soup, LOOKS like it’s lame but was actually amazingggggg.

Sweet potatoes are a no fail so I have nothing else to say about them except that I love them.

However, does anyone remember that time I made the fake Au Ju Sandwich? Well………

This time there was no strawberries or yogurt to be seen… and it was GOOD.

Sandwiches that you can dip in mushroom gravy are sandwiches that are awesome. The meat beef was cooked perfectly without being dry and although I didn’t have it on a roll, rye bread was able to get the job done. If it hadn’t I certainly wouldn’t be blogging about it right now!

Sidenote: I call any type of beef “meat beef”….I have no clue why and I don’t know how it started but this has been going on for at least a year. Even I must admit that it’s a fairly strange habit to have picked up…..

And that’s seriously it. My dinner was fantastic and now I have nothing left to say. Hope you enjoyed it though!



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