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New year. New bisky.

So, I’ve been an extremely extremely extremely neglectful blog mommy/blog follower. Not good. Not good in the least bit.


But alas, it’s a new year and that means a fresh start…. and no, I do not feel that I am making excuses for myself.


Well… even if I am… you guys still love me right?




Er…. Happy 2011?


OK, I’ve got a ton of pictures so I’m going to stop digging myself deeper in a hole and just get on with it.


Mug full o’ cherries.

I think one of my resolutions will be to take pictures that aren’t ridiculously unattractive.


The Saddlebrook Diner and I were finally reunited. No matter how much of a health nut I may become, I will never give up my diner sweet potato fries. EVER.

Just like my roomie, Liz wanted her food to make an appearance on the blog. Haha, yay! She had a chicken caesar wrap and I indulged in a chicken caruso wrap. It was lovely and had spinach, mushrooms, mozzerella cheese and grilled chicken. I killed this plate… there were no sweet potato survivors.


I’m always asking if anyone wants me make them breakfast and on the day of new years eve, Cate finally took me up on my offer.

Guess who got to break out the big pot?!

Check out that steam, ooooh, ahhhh.

Into the pot went:

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 cup oats
  • Dash of salt

While I was cutting up apples for mine I asked Cate to take a picture of hers for me. Heehee, she even got her mug in on it.

Her toppings included cranberries, walnuts, coconut and WCPB…. and the coveted skinny spoon! Boo 😛


My bowl!

Topped with half a cut up apple and 1 tbsp AB… and possibly a couple white chocolate chips 😉


When it comes to actual new years eve, let’s just say roomie, Kat and I has a grand ole’ celebration. Here’s some pictures. Heh.


Kat and I sat in a Wawa parking lot while we waited from roomie to get out of work. We bought some food because we’re knuckleheads and forget to eat sometimes.

Tiny Thom Yorke cheesestake!



I had a 6-inch whole wheat sub with turkey, swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles, roasted red peppers and oil and vinegar.

It was quite tasty! But VERY messy.


Also had some crisps!



Also had a small white hot chocolate from D & D during the drive… you know, because I’m a weirdo and immensely enjoy drinking vanilla frosting.


We had a bunch of time to kill before we had to leave so we ate mini-strombolis and watched Eclipse.

I was happy about these guys because my mom tends to make them on new years as well. Awww.


I would like to point out how truly funny the Twilight movies are. At one point I was legit crying with laughter. Do you know why I was crying ? BECAUSE OF R. PAT’S FACE.

You know we love you man… you just have a great face to laugh at!


NYE bar action!

Tequila sunrises *burp*


Too much champagne… blaming this on our waitress!

Ribbons everywhere!



Cheers to a new year! ❤

Doncha like our fierce partay hats?


There’s probably at least 70 other pictures from that night but that’s another story. New years day is also another story. Let’s just say it involved whining, burping, cannolis and the most ridiculous trip to Panera that has ever happened ever.


NYE was everything NYE should be. Tada 😀


Last part… my breakfast this morning was awesome.

OK, pretty food presentation definitely is on my resolution list.

I tried the melted banana trick today. What I mean is I threw half a banana with cinnamon, sliced longways, into a small pan on high. You can’t see it but it got melty and caramelized and smelled incredible to boot!

I put half a tbsp of AB on a piece of whole wheat bread and then threw the banana on top. Then I cut up half an apple into slices, popped it in the microwave for 30 seconds and put them on top.

I then made my favorite combo of Chobani/PB and dolloped that on top.


Oh my bisky it was SO GOOD. I ate it open faced but next time, it’s definitely going to be in sandwich form… and with more banana too!


And that’s the end of the post finally. Tomorrow I’ll get around to posting my recap/resolutions (better late than never!) but for now, I’m out.


Have a great day everyone!


ONE more thing, I swear. After not running for over a week (I know, awful isn’t it?) I finally got back out there. The paths at my favorite park were cleared so it was back to business.  Running in the cold has never felt better (32 degrees!) and 4 miles happened in a flash.

The addiction has returned. WOOOOOOO!

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