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Library lovin’

I haven’t sat in a library to do work since April but here I am; the Garfield Public Library to be specific. The wifi connection is bitchin’ here and to be honest, my “office” started getting a tad depressing to be at actually.

I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I definitely needed a change of scenery. Although, the library doesn’t have delicious snacks.

Dannon Oikos Greek Peach Yogurt with some Special K cereal

As a Greek yogurt enthusiast, there always seems to be a new brand appearing every week. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and although I haven’t done much reviewing about them, I’ve been constantly on the prowl.

So, I’ve discovered that there is both Dannon Greek and Dannon Oikos Greek.

Straight up Dannon has the protein and nutritional value of your typical Greek yogurt but the consistency and taste just wasn’t the same. That thickness just wasn’t there and on a personal level, that’s a key factor and deal-breaker. Dannon Oikos, on the other hand, had the thickness and was more similar to the actual Oikos brand that it was modeled from.


Conclusion? Grab the Dannon Oikos, much more authentic and just better tasting.


Also, after rereading that paragraph it seems that the moral of the review is that I like things thick.


No, I’m not saying it. I’m not. I’m putting 13 year-old boy me in timeout.

MOVING ON. This book-filled atmosphere is a lovely working environment though. Much less distracting than being at home and the librarians are talking, well, now they’re kind of yelling, about salads, hamburgers and restaurants in general. My librarian brethren have been found and clearly I’m meant to be here. No need for headphones!

Speaking of hamburgers (because I never speak of them, obviously) that was my choice of dinner last night

Just like the librarians we talking about. Burgers and fries and salad, oh my!

George Foreman-ified ground beef with some swiss cheese and on a multigrain English muffin. The burger craving hasn’t gone away yet and it’s been about 5 months now. Can anyone say “permanent obsession”? Oh and as if I haven’t ingested enough sweet potato fries lately. Again, an obsession that is never going to go away. Ditto for the cherry tomatoes.


To end this post, here’s a humorous picture of me looking like an assbutt.

Long story short, I bought a strawberry seltzer water and it sprayed everywhere. And of course I was waiting at a stoplight and yelled, “SON OF A BITCH!” and this old lady in the car next to me gave me a dirty look. Oh, and my shirt is still wet right now. I wonder the other library patrons are judging me right now.


“Why yes! I did just get finished taking part in a wet t-shirt contest! No, I didn’t win…I wore two tank tops by accident and was disqualified. It’s OK though, I still had fun.”



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Job hunting is sucky and even How I Met Your Mother is about resumes and being unemployed. So much for using TV as an escape from real life.

You’re lucky you’re perfect sir.

Still, the job thing is hitting me hard. What I’m going to do with my life is nonexistent and I’m starting to get stressed out again. It’s like having deadlines all over again and I feel more useless the longer I go being without a job. My anxiety is getting in the way too. I could easily be a waitress but my fear of people is keeping me from doing it. It’s frustrating but I’m trying to keep optimistic.

FACT: You know something isn’t quite right when you actually consider the idea of stripping to make money. That wouldn’t work on a couple different levels...but that’s besides the point. No, I’m not going to strip for money but I contemplated it. 

Oooooh self-worth, you have officially and completely left the building. Let’s move on, shall we?

I feel that GIFs of Misha Collins instantly make everything in life better. Especially when he’s winking….mmmmmmm.

Max and I don’t share the same views about how attractive men are when they wink.


Like I said yesterday, even with a camera in my possession now I STILL keep forgetting to take pictures. Breakfast keeps falling through despite my infinite love for it. Eh, I’ll just leave a sticky note for myself tomorrow. No biggie.

Aaaaaand, there’s the 13 year-old boy. Case in point, another reason why I can’t be a stripper.


Um, I resurrected the old favorite of SIAB!


  • Half a banana
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1/2 cup mango
  • A scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup milk

I got to break out the Magic Bullet…. MY GOOD FRIEND HOW I’VE MISSED YOU SO! I topped the bowl with 1/3 cup of Cheerios and had at it. The smoothie was thicker than usual (TWSS) and it must have been because of the lack of liquid. Usually I throw in water along with the mix but now I know.

Less smoothie more soup!


Cas help me but here’s a picture of dinner

*shifty eyes*

Yep, this is #5. There was beef sitting in our fridge, my dad wanted to use all of it for meat sauce and before I could stop myself….there was a Swiss pita burger in front of me. On the side I had a huge pile of romaine and a cut-up carrot and broccoli.


I need to interrupt myself to give a shout out to whole wheat pitas. At Rider I lived off these things and thought we had said our official goodbyes when I graduated. And then I found them at Corrados…for 99 cents a pack….I made Chubby buy four. They’re perfect for freezing and, in my opinion, are the ideal 150 calorie dose of healthy carbs. I’ll post the name of the brand tomorrow so everyone can experience the happiness too!


Lack of pictures, overabundance of less-than-awesome topics and TMI about stripping. But look… I’m posting consecutively two days in a row!


It’s all worth it though…and you know why? Beeeeeecauseeeee



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Will run for doughnuts and burgers

It’s only been ONE day and I’m here again. Oh yeah, raise daaaaaa roof.


So, first and foremost, happy holidays! And by holidays I mean Happy National Running Day and Happy National Doughnut Day! My running celebration is a day late but I made up for it with a 4 mile run this afternoon.

As I was stretching by my car I had the pleasure of being honked at by a garbage man that drove past, hence the lackluster smile and weak thumb formation.

MusclesGlasses was not amused.

Either way, it was a lovely run and I’ve got a 6.2-er lined up for early tomorrow morning so yay for consistent running again!


Moving on. It’s a rather good thing that I didn’t post about my less-than-awesome doughnuts yesterday. Let’s talk doughnuts shall we? As you all know, I my niece received a doughnut maker for Christmas that I enjoyed playing with. Two days ago I was feeling doughnut frisky and decided playtime was overdue.

Result pictures first, talky talk after

Aesthetically, not appealing at all.




SIDENOTE: Long story short, I went to the local pawn shop with Chubby and bought myself a $55 digital camera. Still a Sony Cyber shot, just an older version. Again, this is temporary until I get some money rolling in and am able to buy a better camera. I’m content that I have a camera again though, it does the job…..THANK YOU PAWN SHOP!


Back to doughnuts. The resulting title for my creation “Whole Wheat Chocolate Cherry Sunflower Seed Doughnuts”. Taste wise, they were so-so. Whole Wheat flour is a tricky mistress and the flavor is very distinct and pretty hard to cover up.

I gave one to Liz and gave her a warning that they were mediocre at best. She, being the great friend she is, said it tasted good but the components were very separate from each other. Makes sense though. After a couple test runs I started adding everything into the batter hoping to mask the “healthy” that the doughnuts had. Even with cocoa powder, cherry extract, honey, chocolate covered sunflower seeds AND 4 Hersheys Kisses (LOL) it was still there!

The recipe has already been tweaked considerably so next time around I’m going to focus more on taste as opposed to nutritionally based. Not going to bother posting the recipe because I want to present something that I’m super proud of. Always room for improvement!



(Liz: “Don’t you love that I insist on you taking pictures of my food as well?”)

I rarely drink Frappuccinos, VERY rarely. However, when Liz mentioned her new obsession that was the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino from Starbucks, I had to give in. Coconut is one of my favorite things on earth and gotta try everything at least once!


I got the skinny version of it in an attempt to lessen my preempted ED-induced guilt. There are some things that you just can’t feel guilty about and this is one of them. It does in fact taste like a Mounds bar.

Check out the layers!


Again, trying to restrain myself from making a Shrek joke about parfaits and onions. Control LaForge, have some self-control… it’s just a movie for kids, not the Bible on DVD. You don’t have to make references to it constantly!


Exploiting my own inner conflicts on a public blog. SMART.


Guess what I had for dinner…….

Yep, what we’ve got here is #4. Plain burger with a slice of swiss cheese and covered in ketchup. The rest of the plate is a forest of romaine, cucumbers, carrot sticks, some almond slices and a tiny drizzle of balsamic.

Oh baby I’m just getting started. Who knows how many more burgers await future me?!? I hope lots and lots of them.


And for “dessert”

Vodka Creamsicle, compliments of my mom and a premade plastic jug from Costco. She insisted I drink some and kept asking if I wanted more. I said no after this glass and she ended up drinking the majority of it. Have at it woman, you legit deserve some boozy times 😀


And that’s all I’ve got kids. This weekend is somewhat jam packed and includes a graduation party, a confirmation party, more running and car washing!


Have a fabulous night ❤

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