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Unfortunately I don’t have the proper time at the moment to put together a legitimate post. My life for the past month has been filled with dancing, school work related stress, my first ever migraine, spring break, a bum foot, Sucker Punch and other shenanigans that make up my life.

But alas, I’ve got pictures, LOTS of them. Let’s do this thing.

Fancy glasses of peach tea.

Gave a salad from Wendys a whirl. Grilled chicken, blue cheese, pecans and apple pieces atop a pile of greens. For what it worth, it was pretty good. It’s a solid go-to meal when fast food is the only option. Next time though, I would get the full sized portion. This little guy was tasty but definitely not enough grub for me.

Not too shabby looking either!

I made chocolate chia pudding a couple weeks ago using chocolate soy milk. For the rest of the chia seeds I have, I’m going to go with the vanilla. The flavor was better.

My mom gave me a new mug with a positive affirmation

Fancy parfaits in alcohol glasses.

(with granola, chia pudding and vanilla yogurt)

Home oats are homey and STILL provides the best source of lighting possible.

And of course being home means GREEK CITY.

Grilled calamari on top of an Athena salad

FRESH HUMMUS! Be still my beating heart.

Grape leaves, SO GOOD.

Liz was the one who reminded me to take pictures! And as you can see by said pictures, why the heck would I forget in the first place? Delicious, healthy and photographs beautifully. Greek food FOR THE WIN.


You’ve heard about them, you’ve seen my post dedicated to my recreation of them and now, you get to see where my obsession first came from…I present to thee, Melomakaronas.

(and Starbucks for good measure!)

This is, without a single doubt, the best cookie/dessert I have ever had in my life. Moist and sweet and absolutely incredible and I can’t think of enough words that would suffice to describe how I feel. Eating it sparked my love back up and once I get a kitchen in my grasps, yet another recreation is going to be happening. FO’ SHO.


Kat and I had a lovely homemade breakfast over Spring break when we spontaneously had a sleepover.

Scrambled eggs and home fries from a bag and an unpictured cup of coffee from her Keurig! Like I said, lovely 🙂




Sidenote: Keurig totally has my name in it. Just saying.



And that’s all I’ve got. I know I’m repeating myself but my life has been busy, busy. busy and busy for the past month now. I feel like I literally have had no time to sit down and type up an entertaining post that was good enough to publish. I’m trying my best to get things done but it’s hard, you know?

What I hope you do know, my bloggy blogs, is that I love you all dearly and there will be a time (hopefully in the near future!) that I’ll be back to the blogging world and be back to my commenting/posting/creeping ways!

Drunk Tardis and I are off to continue existing and stuff. Have a great rest of the day everyone, I love you allllllll! ❤


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Smoothies and pudding? I’m a goner.

Good afternoon blogworld. Hope everyone has been having a lovely day thus far!

I know I have 😀

I thought I could wait. My patience is usually pretty good. Yeah, this is not the case. Not when THIS is involved.


Pumpkin is another of the many things that I have grown to love thanks to bloggers. I finally managed to pick up two cans yesterday when Sam and I took a trip to Walmart. I’ve had one thing on my mind since the beginning of the month.


I’ve seen this floating around for a while now and of course I wanted to jump on the bandwagon! Into the M. Bullet:

  • 1/2 cup pumpkin
  • Half a container of plain greek yogurt
  • Half of a frozen banana
  • Water (1/3 cup?)
  • TONS of cinnamon

I wish I had remembered to steal milk from Dalys but honestly? It doesn’t matter.


So good, I took too many pictures trying to get good lighting.

(Smoothies are proven to taste better when served in a Baileys glass)

See my point? I hope so! This legit tastes like a pumpkin pie. Everyone and their mom and the pope should make this. You will not be disappointed. 😀

I had lunch before my pumpkin freakout

  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Carrots
  • Chickpeas
  • Raspberry vinaigrette dressing
  • Peppers
  • Cantaloop
  • Grilled chicken (which I didn’t eat because it was burnt! FAIL)

As I said yesterday, I DID dabble in the making of chia pudding and it was also a SUPER WIN.

1/4 cup chia seeds with 1 cup of vanilla soy milk and let sit. Easy peasy.

At first I thought I though I did something wrong because the seeds formed a layer on top of the milk. It turns out that stirring le’ seeds is a big part of this process! Lesson learned.

2 hours later… test time!

SO GOOD. Maybe I’m repeating myself but OH WELL.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the tapioca-like texture but after first bite, it was love. The milk worked really well, giving the slightest hint of vanilla. The combination of chia pudding, dates and granola was absolutely perfect.

I still have a bunch of it leftover so expect to see said pudding in the future.


Epic-est of all the blog posts? Could be.

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