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Party, party, party.

Weekend update! How is everyone? Hope everything is fine and dandy and wonderful and all those other adjectives that bring forth positive feelings.


What’s that? Oh, how was MY weekend? Well shucks, thank you for askingggggggg.


Yes, I am aware that no one actually asked but alas, I’m going to torture you readers anyway.


The sign of goodness…even the dog statue is passed out asleep.

I didn’t wash my car and didn’t run 6.2 miles. Oops. It’s OK though, I did others that were just as awesome. Like breaking in my old  new camera with pictures of flowers. My niece and her friend went swimming at my uncle’s pool and, as the useless chaperone I am, took advantage of the wildlife around me.

I’m not sure why but this purple one is my favorite for some reason…


A little while later it was time my cousin Alyssa’s high school graduation party. She’s absolutely fabulous and talented and I know she’s going to be so successful and I remember when we used to sing a song called “Running In Motion” and be hooligans everywhere and oooooh boy look at me gushing everywhere.



My parents fell in love with this and talked about it for at least 50% of the time.


And they had the nice balloons too. YAY!

Happy face, you are oh so comforting.


Sidenote: Had a run-in with a real balloon on Saturday and I can confirm that I still are afraid of them. Bollocks…


The food at the party was a plethora of choices!

This plate includes pasta salad (mostly broccoli and maybe 4 noodles?), some shrimp and rice (mostly shrimp, not a lot of rice), half a piece of Chicken Marsala, a piece of a turkey/Swiss cheese wrap and some tomato and mozzarella salad.

I loved the tomato and mozzarella salad the most. Lots of cherry tomatoes with the addition of black and green olives and the drizzle of olive oil and herbs gave it a great flavor. I didn’t even mind the pieces of onion that were there!

My drink (I only had one!) Instead of drinking a beer or wine or even a margarita like a normal party goer, I was the tool who opened the new bottle of Jack Daniels and made a Jack and Coke. What can I say? This girl likes her whiskey 😀

I managed to get a chocolate chunk cookie on the way out (no picture) but I have this guy to make up for it

Today I made sure to get some running in. I had errands to run and had to drop the niece off at tutoring and eat some mango (totally important!) but ran for about 45 minutes in our treadmill in the garage. Judging by my own interpretation of my speed I’d say a little under 4.5 miles? Everything on that thing is wonky so I have to gauge it myself! Either way, I was sweating le’ buckets and that’s all that mattered 😀


So, next party was for my other cousin Sumner’s confirmation. She also happens to be fabulous and talented and I liked that we always seem to laugh at the exact same things and OH LOOK I’M GUSHING AGAIN HOW NICE. Haha.


Her 8th grade graduation party is NEXT Sunday so just a heads up on that… make sure to bring your anti-gush hats and trench coats.

What in bisky’s name would we do if our front door wasn’t reflective? For one thing…I probably wouldn’t be doing idiotic things like THIS. For shame.


I didn’t take a picture of my food and I take full blame for this. After not blogging for so long I’ve gotten shy about whipping it [camera] out.

Just try to picture a plate with a bunch of salad on it, a few pieces of broccoli, a piece of Chicken Marsala (sounds like someone is getting around!), and sausage and peppers (heavy on the peppers)… I think next time I forget I might literally draw a picture. That would be both helpful and entertaining. Mostly entertaining because I can’t draw to save my life.

I DID get a dessert picture though!

Pile of mixed fruit, a small piece of brownie and, of course, a slice of cake. It was chocolate cake with a Oreo whipped cream frosting, complete with pieces of actual Oreo cookies in it. My mom and sister thought it was too sweet but that was what I liked most about it. My sweet teeth know what they like and anyway I cannot even begin to remember the last time I had an Oreo….. it’s been a loooooooooooooong time so this made me very happy!


Yay family parties and family, er, familyness!

He was extremely depressed that he couldn’t go to any of the events. Sorry guy, you’re still a very important part of the family! ❤


Until tomorrow my friends, nighty nighty!

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Race on…[to food?]

Skipped a day. My bad! I’ve been doing nothing and playing Mario Kart with Serena. I’m quite good at it I must say.

Can I be Luigi??????? 😀


I have A LOT more food pictures than I thought I did. Taking pictures of everything I eat is starting to become second nature I think. SCORE!

I totally did have that second cup o’ joe that I mentioned in my last post.

Along with a bowl of vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup honey Cheerios (change-up! AYYY OHHH!) and a few apple slices. I forgot what non-Greek yogurt tastes like. It tastes like dessert!

Nana made a ham… and Otis acted like one.

(Check out the giant shoe pile… can you tell we all where Uggs?)

Homemade ham with swiss cheese is da bomb and quite fun in salad form so I threw some on some romaine/carrots with balsamic. Sweet potato also made another appearance.


Dessert was way too much of this

Nana buys a bunch of bags of bulk trail mix components and makes her own. It’s amazing and this giant bowl might last our house a week at maximum. How could you not eat a combination that includes:

  • Pecans
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Candied pineapples
  • Candied strawberries
  • Golden raisins
  • Dark raisins
  • Craisins

Us LaForges? We like our trail mix. Now all it needs is an awesome name. I’ll get back to you on that one.

Coconut oats with newspaper backdrop, say what?

My typical oats mix (half a banana and 1/3 cup of oats, water and milk) topped with AB and WCPB AND a nice helping of coconut. I was THIS close to eating and then decided that the bowl needed something else.

And thus the trail mix chronicles begin. 😀

I take back what I said about ham and cheese on a salad. It’s only best on a sandwich. There’s no other way around it.

Whole wheat bread with ham, swiss cheese, lettuce and hummus. George Foreman do yo thang!

Along with some blindingly bright cucumber slices and carrots… and more hummus! It was amazing. YUM.

Cate and Serena decide to steal my camera and have an Otis photo shoot (with an appearance by Max)

As you can tell, he stopped caring about looking at the camera. Sorry little guy, I would have stopped them if I had known!

Dinner was epic. Chicken Marsala anyone?

I don’t like the lighting. HEH.

But I DID like the chicken. It was cooked to the point where you could cut it with just your fork, perfectly tender! And there was more than an abundance of mushrooms (<3) in the sauce. AND it was served with brown rice. Another score for being healthy! Sometimes my family gets so sick of me babbling about nutrition that they just give in. Persistence at it’s finest my friends.

Now THIS is very exciting… by exciting I mean only for me.

NEW BOWL!!! Isn’t it pretty? I’m a snowflake whore as we all know and it was only a dollar! I told Cate about it last night and she asked me why I bought it and I responded with, “I wanted it for photography purposes…(pause) and it was pretty.”



My brain has officially been taken over by the world of food blogging. Bye brain byeeeee!


In my defense though, my morning oats have never looked better.

I dare you to tell me this isn’t beautiful.

The usual mix with the addition of wheat germ and blueberries (!!!!!!)… oh, and a tbsp of AB of course.

I think I want a new long spoon now 😉

And that’s muh post. Tomorrow is NYE and I’m jumping on the bandwagon and will be doing a post that features my recap of the year/new years resolutions. I’ve been thinking for a while about my “resolution” and this is the first year that it isn’t focused around what ED wants. It’s weird, can’t lie. However, I know that there are good things in store for 2011 and I plan on taking full advantage of them.

So until tomorrow… enjoy the rest of the day everyone! ❤

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