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Self loathing, magic circular waffles and more cookies than I know what to do with

I’ve been a lunatic this week, although this is already kind of an established fact. Another instance (as if my crying fits weren’t enough?) is the song I’ve been singing the past week.

And obviously I replaced “Peter” with “Keri” to avoid hurting the feelings of any Peters out there. That would just be mean.


I feel better now though. Yay! And because I’m not [as] crazy anymore, let’s get some pictures a rollin’


Like that time birds tried to take over my backyard

And everyone wonders why exactly I dislike birds so much.

Whatever birds, cookies were made yesterday and that automatically fixes everything. This particular baking session was quite leisurely, mostly because I had an assistant

The best help money can buy these days, let me tell ya 😀

Our goal was nothing more than classic oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, requested for the birthday of a family friend. Girlllll, you don’t need to ask me twice to bake something for you.

The results were to the likings of all those throughout the land

Maybe I’ll throw this recipe up on Etsy just for the heck of it. I am overdue for a new addition. Maybe I should start compiling a recipe book. MAYBE I SHOULD DO A LOT OF THINGS.




Purple oatmeal?

…purple with tiny rocks? HA. Ohhh blackberries, thou art so silly looking sometimes. Silly perhaps but delicious and very cheap. They were on sale in Corrados (<3) at 2 containers for $1.50! Word up.


And because I’m THAT colorful of a girl (hello, Rainbowlicious?!) why not have some orange waffles?

Around this time every year my parents generously buy me a giant box of sweet potatoes…it’s quite a wonderful time indeed.

I didn’t actually look up a sweet potato waffle recipe. That would have been the smart thing to do. Instead, I made the standard recipe and just threw a mashed sweet potato in the batter. There was probably more to it but sometimes, er, I just don’t bother? Hahaha, score one for making me look like a useful human being who does smart things like following directions.


They came out just fine

Except when the square-shaped waffle maker makes them into circles. MAGIC! Doesn’t matter though, I gave them a makeover and then they were looking fine and snazzy

Half a cut up banana and a topping of white chocolate peanut butter and plain Chobani. What more do you need when your breakfast is bitchin’ and fillin’? Nothing. You need nothing more.


Also, festive tablecloth has come back into circulation. Good to have you back brother, you’re a key component to appealing photography!


One more thing before I end the post…..drumroll please?



Well, it was worth a try right? Anyway, my announcement is that I FINALLY made a sale on Etsy and just shipped out a batch of Chocolate Whiskey Cookies! I made twenty bucks so LOL/WOO. Here’s some pictures of the beauties before I sent them on their way.

Link to my Etsy shop is HERE


Take a look around, everyone can always use more cookies!


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