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Mushy gushy kind of Christmas

Happy day-after-Christmas everyone! There is some hardcore snow action going on outside and it’s absolutely wonderful.


You know what else turned out quite wonderful? Christmas! There was food, presents, family and general joy all around. It’s always nice to be completely stress free 🙂


I mean, OK, it was a little rough at first. Serena came barging into my room at 7 on the dot and flipped on the light. We ALL know I’m a morning person but there are certainly nicer ways to wake someone up!

It’s alright though, the sight of this cheered me up

I’m blue da ba dee da ba di…

And a cup of coffee didn’t hurt either.


Christmas is our house is based around my niece and my dog now… those little youngsters.

(Sidenote, I bought Max that carrot as his present… HEALTHY TOYS FTW!)

Granted, Santa did get me a few lovely things (new jeans, new boots and new Ipod speakers!) but watching everyone else open their presents is much more entertaining. And anyway, I got to play with a bunch of Serena’s new toys. For instance…


Doughnut maker.


Well, mini doughnut maker to be precise. I said to Serena, “Can I play with it?!?!” after she was done opening her presents.


And play with it I did. Turns out, the mix to use in the doughnut maker was essentially the same thing as making waffles. I improvised the “glaze” by melting down some chocolate chips and adding milk… and holiday appropriate sprinkles of course.

Talk about a fancy Christmas breakfast. I mean, if you’re one to consider doughnuts fancy that is.

Chocolate and sprinkles aside, these are definitely a slightly healthier way to enjoy the wonders of doughnuts. Everything can be healthified I tell you, EVERYTHING!


After hooliganing around the house for a bit, it was off to family stop #1.

They haven’t decorated for Christmas in bisky knows how long but I think they made up for it.

Festive to the ultra max!


Although the company was the best part of the get together, the food definitely placed second. I knew it was going to be good when my aunt came up to me a said, “I made spinach salad!” 😀


Egg strata (compliments of my parents), turkey, garlic bread, cheese tortollini, meatballs, two kinds of salad and there was more food on the other side of the counter. By more I mean baked ziti, another egg strata (with BACON!), macaroni and cheese and lasagna. Amazeballs.


My plate

Do you see it? I ate a piece of a bagel! Hahaha.


I loaded up on the salad but made sure to taste everything else too. And afterwards I went back to get more salad and a bit more of the egg strata. SO GOOD.

A mimosa served as my beverage of choice

I don’t want to cheer about booze but…. yay booze! 😉


And then… there was dessert. Oh my sweet bisky. Christmas desserts are just…. just so amazing.

Monkey bread for instance.

I was trying to explain this to my Rider girls a while back. I thought it was a pretty popular dessert item but apparently no one knew what I was talking about! Basically, it’s a cinnamon sugar cake that’s baked into a bundt pan. You rip off individual pieces from the it’s a lot easier for everyone to get a taste of it. I NEED to recreate it just so my girls can discover what they’ve been missing.


Remember those rice krispy treats? Surprise!


Homemade nut cups. My legit received a dozen compliments about how much everyone loved them. And with good reason….think mini-pecan pies. I’ll leave you with that.

I dare you to eat just one


Another Nana original, homemade cream puffs. Cream filling and shells from scratch, they’re another staple that people just can’t get enough of.

Makes sense where my love for baking comes from. I mean, just LOOK at what my mother does!

My aunt brought a carrot cake (!!) from her restaurant!

The actual cake was SUPER moist and full of little carrot bits and nuts. And I’m a sucker for good frosting……a thick layer of cream cheese frosting had me at first glance.


There was also ambrosia salad which, to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of. I had never had it before yesterday and only knew about it from this Youtube video about gay unicorns (don’t ask).  The ingredients to it are all these things that I normally like… just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Nana super baked LOVED it though.


I managed to keep myself from inhaling every dessert I could get my hands on. There was still another family function to attend!


After present exchanging, goodbyes and a quick trip back home, it was onto house #2!


Greetings wooden deer!


Oh look, more dessert! Now, in my defense this plate was handed to me by my sister. I most certainly would not have taken so much of it! Although I do love cheesecake and chocolate trifle, this was (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) too much.

The cheesecake was so rich I ate the crust and the strawberry topping and had to call it quits. Same goes with the trifle. I ate some whipped cream out of it and that’s all she wrote.


After family photos and laughing it was time to go home. Needless to say, a sugar coma hit me hardcore. Nutrition wise my day consisted of 90 percent sweets and 10 percent real food.

So a couple hours later I ate some real food

Rye bread sammie with turkey, swiss and hummus with a side of carrots. Good choice LaForge, good choice.

Well, wine wasn’t too bad of a choice either…..

Cate and I killed a bottle of white wine and played with pick up sticks. You know, because it was the holiday 😀


I ended the night on a fantastic note with two episodes of Doctor Who and then glorious glorious sleep.


Christmas was an epic win and full of love and all that other mushy stuff. You know, exactly what the holiday is suppose to be like.


Someone is already getting himself dolled up for next year.

Don’t worry Chubby, only 364 days left! 😀

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Tis the season…..for cliches apparently.

It’s only been about two days since I’ve arrived back home and it’s already been SUPER busy.

One thing I’ve already learned is that we’re on a veggie/fruit hiatus so-to-speak… you’ll be able to tell by my considerably nutritional slacking meals. I’ve got to get my butt to the supermarket ASAP. I can feel my body going into spinach withdrawal! 😛

Yesterday morning I was up at 5:50 (with ease!) and the mom and  conquered some Christmas shopping from 7 until about 9:30.

Er, yeah, sidenote… gum is not breakfast.

When we got back it was time to get creative. No matter what I decided to eat, THIS was all I was really concerned about

Peanut Butter & Co. was sent from heaven. I’m convinced. Although this has a much more subtle taste than it’s sibling (DCPB!) it’s still amazingly decadent tasting….and that’s saying something considering white chocolate is at the bottom of my favorite kinds of chocolate list!

I ended up making oatmeal.

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 tbsp walnuts
  • 2 tbsp plain Chobani
  • 2 tbsp frozen pomegranate seeds I found hidden in the freezer
  • 1 tbsp WCPB


When Christmas rolls around, every day becomes Cookie Friday. Yesterday I baked…and baked… and baked… and crocheted a hat.


First I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies… from a pre-mixed bag. Meh. Totes not my scene (I’m a “from scratch” kinda girl!) but it was for Serena’s teacher so I just do what I’m told. Add butter and an egg, mix and bake.

They actually came out pretty good!

Next up were homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Ooh, baby baby!

I feel like I actually made 16 million of them.

COOKIE INVASION! I’m quite proud of myself for not licking any of the bowls and only having one of each. Will power, boo ya!

I took a break and then wondered about what to eat for linner (it was about 2:30 at this point)

As usual, not helpful. He thought it would be fun to lick the side of the deep fryer and then when I took him outside he wanted to play/eat the dirt. He’s lucky he’s cute.

I finally settled on some food.

English muffin with pizza flavored hummus and a slice of swiss cheese. Alongside I had some baby carrots and a few pickles. Let me tell you something. Pizza flavored hummus is AMAZING.

I can’t believe how good it is. Tastes.like.a.real.pizza. I kid you not. And with the cheese? Fantastically simple. I’m definitely going to be further experimenting with this new hummus discovery.

The next few hours included watching a bunch of Top Chef episodes, the creation of previously mentioned hat (next post!) and a dinner that would severly lacking so I didn’t even bother taking a picture of it (Sweet potato and a side salad with wheat germ, corn and balsalmic).


Then it was time for MOAR baking. Think you can handle it?!?

My personal favorites and cookies that are only made for Christmas. They’re called Philly Sprites and they might just be one of my favorite things on this planet.

The ingredient list only has about 8 things but it’s basically a sugar cookie with cream cheese, hence the Philly in the name! And with the use of our handy dandy cookie press, they get to become adorably Christmas appropriate shapes!

Sometimes I do use the bowl reminents to make cute hearts ❤

This morning, I wanted pancakes and there was JUST enough whole wheat flour to allow me such a desire.

The fruit hiatus compromised my usual techniques so I REALLY had to improvise.

Has anyone noticed the festive tablecloth yet?!?!

I threw a bunch of coconut into the batter and eventually found a container of packaged peaches ‘n pineapple to use for a topper. Yes I know they’re soaking in sugar juice water and yes I know that draining the juice doesn’t completely get rid of it… cut me some slack! For what it’s worth… these were REALLY good, especially when my favorite Chobani/AB combo is involved!

Coconut/pineapple pancakes = beachy breakfast in December?!

The comics section of the paper is my favorite backdrop. 😀

And that’s it. I’ve got more baking, more crocheting and some running that has to be taken care of. Enjoy your day everyone!

I may or may not have been wearing this hat the ENTIRE day yesterday.

Fa la la la la, la la la la…fool.

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