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There are times when I’m reminded that deep beneath the layers of “me”, I’m just a girl.


A girl who sits with her roommate and watches The Holiday while eating Quaker Oats Squares dipped in almond butter. This girl then proceeded to hug the box throughout the rest of the movie.

Don’t even get me started about these two…


Furthermore, a girl who wanted to cry because of something that happened on Glee.

From GLEE I tell you.

Waaaaaaah, you!


I can’t explain it. Emotions are overrated in my opinion. Let’s talk about food, it’s more fun.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are obviously awesome for this reason.

The usual with the addition of shredded coconut! Incrediballs.


With it I had a skinny vanilla latte

This was a special treat but I still kind of missed my usual Dalys coffee. Remind to me to take a picture of why I missed it. It makes sense, I promise.


SIDENOTE: While at Starbucks this morning the morning worker, Chris, called me snowflake and it made my heart explode. He’s probably the most ideal person to see in the morning. The nicest guy ever and the same one who told me that he called P. Safety because he didn’t see me at the gym the one day and thought something was wrong.

Waaaaah, his infinite kindness makes me want to cryyyyyyy!


Ahem, back on track.


Getting down to the last few days of Cranberry lunches for the semester!

I was self-conscious about taking a picture because there was a friend sitting with us who probably doesn’t know about the blog. So I waited until he left to whip it out….


My usual small Asian Chicken salad and a chocolate peppermint Luna bar. Ahhhh, I don’t know if I’ve mention it (I probably have, apologies!) but I LOVE this flavor. VERY Christmas appropriate if you ask me 😀


When in everything in life makes you randomly cry, remembering the simple “goodness” that exists certainly doesn’t hurt.


Lightly snow dusted Chobani photo is exactly what I mean by this. To whomever took this, thank you 🙂


Go find a picture that makes you happy… it’ll be worth your while ❤



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