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Going bonkers…taken to a new level

Can I be honest?


OK cool. I’m about to let the crazy out so you’ve been warned.


I forgot what it is like for hormones to render someone completely out of their mind. Seriously, I haven’t been acting this loony in….well, since 5 months ago. For instance, I watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging with Serena.


Quick summary, the movie is actually based on a truly hilarious book series about a fantastic basketcase pf a girl from England named Georgia Nicholson and her life/interactions with boys. I will FOREVER love those books and I recommend them to anyone who just wants some good ole’ guilty pleasure teen fiction.


I watched the ENTIRE movie like this

I really wish I was joking. While trying to suffocate myself with the comforter, I whined about how I couldn’t deal with how cute the one guy was…and here is his face

ALSO, I literally just found that out my crush on him is acceptable because he's born in 1990 so WOO for that!

And you know what? I cried during the end of it.


Seriously, cute boy said to Georgia, “Hold my hand you muppet!”  and I couldn’t control myself. The movie supposed to be FUNNY AND ROMANTIC. It is, under no circumstance, supposed to make a 22 year old woman cry.


My brain is not of this earth anymore. I think the Doctor may have stolen it. Is it weird that the idea of the Doctor abducting my brain is actually quite comforting?

Random but I cannot even begin to explain how hard this makes me laugh. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BYE DALEK BYE.


Arrhghghwa, quick apology to anyone that is still wondering where the “food” part of my food blog is. Because my body is a jerk it’s been craving sugar and carbs (stereotypical girl is stereotypical). Good thing I’m a baker, eh?

Just call me the queen of prototypes! Aesthetically pleasing it is not but this is essentially what I was trying to do with the creepy cookies from my last post. I just sandwiched them with chocolate and dipped the ends in sprinkles. And you know what?

Mine were 100% better than the one I bought from the bakery. I usually don’t give myself that much credit but they were damn good. I can guarantee you WILL be seeing these again.


I experimented with another cookie recipe the next day. What were originally suppose to be very flat “Cinnamon Pinwheel Cookies” turned into this

More like miniaturized cinnamon rolls if you ask me! The texture came out quite lovely though; good and fluffy like a real roll would be. Instead of just using cinnamon for the inside I mixed it along with brown sugar, graham crackers and red sprinkles. Again, it made the cookies seem much more authentic that way!

Next time they need more sugar and the powdered sugar glaze on top! I consider them to be a win though. They’re phenomenal with coffee and are kind of nice to look at 😀


*Cough linktomyEtsypageHERE Cough*


Thankfully, this is the end of my crazy post. Again, I apology to anyone and everyone who has ever felt personally victimized by Regina George.


….wait, what?!?!




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Baking Hooker

I just looked over and literally thought for a second that Max was using the home computer


My brain = SHOT.


Who’s up for some food pictures?! I KNOW I AM.

I’ve been very oatmeal crazed lately. There’s really no point in taking a picture everyday because I eat the same breakfast….everyday.

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/3 cup water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Shakes of cinnamon

That’s the staple right there. Additions vary depending on what my house has to offer. There’s ALWAYS nut butter in my oatmeal I can tell you that for certain.


Sidenote: Speaking of which, ATTENTION TO EVERYONE, Peanut Butter & Co. is on sale in ALL Shoprites this week. YES, jars of dark chocolate, white chocolate and cinnamon raisin peanut butter are only THREE DOLLARS.……Our house currently has seven jars. Gotta catch em all!


And back to regularly scheduled nonsense.

OK, not nonsense but sometimes Max thinks he cool by attempting to have side swept bangs. Good try.



Apparently that’s my thing at the moment. Fruit with yogurt and AB whole wheat things. I can dig that. Pictures like this make me think I’m a vegetarian sometimes.


Well, with the exception for my burger obsession and of course….


Chubby’s chili has returned, as delicious as ever, and I’m currently on day three of it. There’s just… so much of it…but it’s so good…


Switching gears now (which is actually redundant for me to say because I don’t know how to drive stick shift despite the fact that I’m about 99 percent sure that my car can be although I would be able to know that for certain if I would just read the manual)


Er, wait what was I saying?

Oh yeah, my shameless self-promotion. Let me show you a picture.

These…are Doctor Who cookies. Vanilla custard to be exact. They’re fishsticks. And yes, that’s MY sonic screwdriver in the picture.


OK, enough beating around the bush (CLICHE)…I’m whoring myself on Etsy, hence the rather awkward title of this post. There, I said it. I’m selling nerdy cookies. And now I’m going to post my Etsy link and be THAT guy and hope that strangers have pity for me.


I’m just going to go over here and crawl into my hole of desperation. There’s cable.


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No nutrient neglect here!

It’s cold. I usually don’t complain about it but my circulation-less hands aren’t too happy.

I’m wearing my fingerless gloves as I type this post. Best invention ever. But still, brr.


Recaps of my past days:

I figured out two things about my failure rice/bean/veggie burgers:

  1. They taste better the next day after being in the fridge for a while
  2. Like everything else in life, it’s so much better in sandwich form

A piece of whole wheat bread with salsa, lettuce and hummus fixed it right up! Also had a kiwi and a carrot stick on the side, although they’re unpictured. Don’t worry though, I’m not neglecting them!


I have most certainly NOT been neglecting kiwis. That’s for sure.

And I like to photograph them the exact same way.


Carrots have been in my life quite a bit also

AB + carrot = one of the purest loves there is ❤


Remember the cardboard (remember the Alamo?!)

WCPB, granola and vanilla yogurt. Epic.


Sometimes I doubt the power of being hungry. Example. Yesterday I went to run 5 miles and ate half of a Clif bar an hour before I left. I hadn’t eaten since about 7 the previous night. Maybe that’s what did it but when I got to 2.5 miles I had to stop and walk.


That may have been the closest thing to passing out I have ever experienced. My legs suddenly felt like lead and I got seriously lightheaded. All the while I feel like my stomach is eating itself. It was the strangest thing. I stopped and walked about half a mile and then ran the rest of the way, completely fine.


No clue what actually was the cause of it. Lack of food, the cold/hot combination? The only thing I know for sure is that I just have to pay attention to all aspects of my running more closely.

An SIAB helped me feel better!

  • Blueberries
  • Half a banana
  • PB powder
  • Vanilla Chobani
  • Vanilla protein powder
  • Flax seed
  • Topped with Cheeriossss

It was gone in 5 minutes flat. NOM.


Yogurt bowls are awesome (I ate this todayyyyy)

Pineapple Chobani, trail mix and Special K. Double NOM.


EVERYONE wants to be on the blog for some reason. Guys, I hope you know that I’m not famous or anything….I get maybe 20 views a day! I appreciate the enthusiasm though; it warms my heart 🙂


With that being said, here is Serena’s slice of Italian bread with lasagna on it.

Er, pardon her dirty fingers…. attractivepicturessaywhat?!?


And random but more proof to showcase how adorable my mom is.

Sometimes she draws pictures of snowmen while she’s talking on the phone. Teehee.


And that’s it. My plans include eating a sandwich for dinner, finally blog reading, responding to Sam’s message (hi Sam! I miss you!) and eat some sweet potato oatmeal cookies (coughtomorrow’spostcough) 😀


Enjoy the night everyone!



I feel it absolutely necessary to  mention that I watched over 15 episodes of Doctor Who the other day. I’m proud. Very proud. Just saying.

Oh my bisky. I love him. So much.


Sorry, hormones got into the post again.


My bad.


Or is it? 😉





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