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Self loathing, magic circular waffles and more cookies than I know what to do with

I’ve been a lunatic this week, although this is already kind of an established fact. Another instance (as if my crying fits weren’t enough?) is the song I’ve been singing the past week.

And obviously I replaced “Peter” with “Keri” to avoid hurting the feelings of any Peters out there. That would just be mean.


I feel better now though. Yay! And because I’m not [as] crazy anymore, let’s get some pictures a rollin’


Like that time birds tried to take over my backyard

And everyone wonders why exactly I dislike birds so much.

Whatever birds, cookies were made yesterday and that automatically fixes everything. This particular baking session was quite leisurely, mostly because I had an assistant

The best help money can buy these days, let me tell ya 😀

Our goal was nothing more than classic oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, requested for the birthday of a family friend. Girlllll, you don’t need to ask me twice to bake something for you.

The results were to the likings of all those throughout the land

Maybe I’ll throw this recipe up on Etsy just for the heck of it. I am overdue for a new addition. Maybe I should start compiling a recipe book. MAYBE I SHOULD DO A LOT OF THINGS.




Purple oatmeal?

…purple with tiny rocks? HA. Ohhh blackberries, thou art so silly looking sometimes. Silly perhaps but delicious and very cheap. They were on sale in Corrados (<3) at 2 containers for $1.50! Word up.


And because I’m THAT colorful of a girl (hello, Rainbowlicious?!) why not have some orange waffles?

Around this time every year my parents generously buy me a giant box of sweet potatoes…it’s quite a wonderful time indeed.

I didn’t actually look up a sweet potato waffle recipe. That would have been the smart thing to do. Instead, I made the standard recipe and just threw a mashed sweet potato in the batter. There was probably more to it but sometimes, er, I just don’t bother? Hahaha, score one for making me look like a useful human being who does smart things like following directions.


They came out just fine

Except when the square-shaped waffle maker makes them into circles. MAGIC! Doesn’t matter though, I gave them a makeover and then they were looking fine and snazzy

Half a cut up banana and a topping of white chocolate peanut butter and plain Chobani. What more do you need when your breakfast is bitchin’ and fillin’? Nothing. You need nothing more.


Also, festive tablecloth has come back into circulation. Good to have you back brother, you’re a key component to appealing photography!


One more thing before I end the post…..drumroll please?



Well, it was worth a try right? Anyway, my announcement is that I FINALLY made a sale on Etsy and just shipped out a batch of Chocolate Whiskey Cookies! I made twenty bucks so LOL/WOO. Here’s some pictures of the beauties before I sent them on their way.

Link to my Etsy shop is HERE


Take a look around, everyone can always use more cookies!


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Things I’ve been digging lately:

  • Marking a new mile record for myself on Sunday. My training schedule said 11 miles and 11 miles is what I did. WOOOOO! The weather was perfection, brisky and not a trace of humidity.

Typical prerun food. Slice of multigrain bread with PB and banana. The fuel of champions!

I kept my pace fairly consistent most of the time from what I could tell. I stopped twice, once at mile 5 to eat a few pieces of candy corn (I NEED TO INVEST IN SOME GU!) and again at mile 9 to get some water/eat some more candy corn. It did give me the sugar rush I needed but chewing those things while still moving quickly is a nightmare. Pretty sure I looked like a moo-cow while I was eating them!

The aftermath was a little rough. Luckily my calves are now being well-behaved but my right knee is being a little funky. My mileage is low for the rest of the week (no more than 2 or 3 miles a day) so now, it’s a waiting game.


  • The upcoming ESPN body issue, ahem, for obvious reasons

Let’s take the gorgeous nakedness out of the picture for a moment, shall we? His muscle definition is incredible and if nothing else this picture proves that Apolo is one hell of a dedicated athlete. He works hard and it shows. Seriously, try following him on Twitter! He posts motivating and inspiring mantras frequently and is always keeping active 24/7. Guess I forgot to put a PG-13 disclaimer in this post?!?! WHOOPS.

  • ETSY! I’ve become a member of the Etsybloggers Street Team and am super excited to help promote other sellers! I’m going to be writing posts about Etsy and all things associated. I think I’m becoming quite obsessed loyal to the website.
  • Speaking of which, I have two new cookies up and ready for selling!

I tried very hard with the presentation for this one

So because I’m having a hard time giving up on my “catch” these are essentially Supernatural themed as well. What we have here are Demon Blood Drizzled Florentines. Florentines are brittle but develop a nice chewiness after a bit of time.

The "blood" is a combination of melted chocolate, powdered sugar and red food coloring

They’re simple to make but time-consuming. Lots of on the stove boiling and you can only bake 8 cookies while using one pan at a time. They have to be constantly watched. Kind of like babies.


…………not that you bake babies in the oven or anything.


Er, baby baking aside, these cookies are pretty perfect for Halloween. Just saying. *coughBUYMYCOOKIEScough*


Oh how I have waited for this return! Pumpkin is a little more expensive this year but my love extends far beyond the prices that THE MAN has established. A 1/3 of a cup and a couple generous shakes of cinnamon turn this into a wonderful bowl of fall goodness.

But it doesn’t stop there, when there is a LaForge, there are waffles

You know how I do. Pumpkin waffles with oats and topped with my favorite Chobani/AB mixture AND apple butter. That just might be the only thing that could possibly be more fall appropriate. Apple butter is on it’s own level. In it’s own universe. Be still my heart.

And that’s my post. I’ve got A LOT more internet stuff to take care of tomorrow so I PROMISE I’ll be back. Have a goodnight everyone!

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What I’ve been thinking about

Things to consider:

  • The way I want to spend the rest of my life

Cookie recipes, pineapple Chobani and pretzels

  • Retro Fitness does not want to hire me because they think I’m a spy and will tell all their secrets to my wonderful second home that is Blink Fitness.
  • The fact that the only time I wanted to be a spy was when I saw Harriet the Spy. That lasted a whole 24 hours.
  • How to cook pizza like my mother

It's just so beautiful!

  • Why anyone would even consider Summer to be the dominant season over Fall

She's got the right idea

Adorable caramel apples FTW

  • The fact that animals photograph so much better than humans
A man and his toy resting after a long day

She who pees on everything

  •  Breakfast is, and will always be, the absolute best meal of the day. Hands down.
A Monte Cristo with sweet potato fries courtesy of a fabulous place in Montclair called ‘Toast’. How can you go wrong with ham and swiss on French toasted Challah bread?!?!
  • Why the Candlewyck Diner stopped being the lovable greasy place we all knew and loved. Instead, it has become an oxymoronic fancy diner. Yikes.


The spinach dip was actually REALLY good and tasted like there were several kinds of cheeses used in it. However, I didn't realize that they were only serving bird sized portions of pitas now.

A burger with broccoli rabe and roasted red peppers. Again, props for being super tasty but the fries weren't sweet, were mushy but in a bad way and tasted a tad burnt actually. And I was convinced I would never met a sweet potato fry I didn't like. Sorry buddies, I didn't like you.

  •  Why I’m still so hell-bent on selling my nerdy cookies on Etsy despite my current lack of success.
  • Oh, and the fact that I’m going to be running 13.1 miles in less than three weeks. OH MY BISKY.
  • Whether or not there’s a reason the ginger trainer at my gym knows me by name

Yep, all things important. And by that, I mean all things that kind of aren’t. Whatever keeps me going though right?


P.S. Today is a wonderful day indeed! It’s my roomie’s 23rd birthday! Happy birthday a truly incredible human bean! You know when you meet one of those people and know you’re going to be friends with them for life? Yep, that’s how I feel about her. I think my post about her last year definitely trailed into the mushy and gross category so here’s a picture. WHEEEE I LOVE YOU MANDYYYYYYY.


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They’re worth a thousand somethings anyway…

I’m in Panera right now. It smells quite nice in here but I don’t know if I’m going to order anything. I’ve been pumpkin coffee from D&D lately and I plan on getting one when I’m done posting this.


The reason I’m here in the first place, well, reasons rather are: #1, I couldn’t stand sitting (YOU CAN’T STAND IF YOU’RE SITTING LOL YOU JOKEY JOKEMAKER) at my dining room table for a day again and needed a change of scenery and #2, I went for a walk and this place was nearby.


Rutherford, a town I basically grew up in, is like Princeton and Princeton is like Rutherford. A long main street with dozens of small shops that’s always extremely adorable and oddly comforting. So I took to the street for an impromptu photo outing.

(Two little girls stopped by this bush and kept shouting, “OOOH BERRIES!”)

(Tumblr follows you everywhere you go, seriously.)


Although it was only a half hour, just walking around and taking pictures was super relaxing/enjoyable. I’m getting kind of hungry now though. My laptop battery has 53 minutes left. DAMN YOU PEOPLE USING ALL THE AVAILABLE OUTLETS!


And here’s the part of the segment where I put on my lipstick and fancy eyeshadow and whore myself off again. Alas, another creation has been posted to Etsy.

They’re Winchester Whiskey cookies…and I used cookie cutters…and I’m not even going to mention the fact I used my flask and shot glass as props.

Moving on.


I’m taking on a mostly Supernatural theme because that’s what most of my ideas revolve around. Although, I would like to make at least ONE sale first before I begin creating my next idea. Goodness knows how long that might take though.


Maybe I should stop at Walgreens on my way home and stock up on cosmetics just in case……


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Baking Hooker

I just looked over and literally thought for a second that Max was using the home computer


My brain = SHOT.


Who’s up for some food pictures?! I KNOW I AM.

I’ve been very oatmeal crazed lately. There’s really no point in taking a picture everyday because I eat the same breakfast….everyday.

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/3 cup water
  • Pinch of salt
  • Shakes of cinnamon

That’s the staple right there. Additions vary depending on what my house has to offer. There’s ALWAYS nut butter in my oatmeal I can tell you that for certain.


Sidenote: Speaking of which, ATTENTION TO EVERYONE, Peanut Butter & Co. is on sale in ALL Shoprites this week. YES, jars of dark chocolate, white chocolate and cinnamon raisin peanut butter are only THREE DOLLARS.……Our house currently has seven jars. Gotta catch em all!


And back to regularly scheduled nonsense.

OK, not nonsense but sometimes Max thinks he cool by attempting to have side swept bangs. Good try.



Apparently that’s my thing at the moment. Fruit with yogurt and AB whole wheat things. I can dig that. Pictures like this make me think I’m a vegetarian sometimes.


Well, with the exception for my burger obsession and of course….


Chubby’s chili has returned, as delicious as ever, and I’m currently on day three of it. There’s just… so much of it…but it’s so good…


Switching gears now (which is actually redundant for me to say because I don’t know how to drive stick shift despite the fact that I’m about 99 percent sure that my car can be although I would be able to know that for certain if I would just read the manual)


Er, wait what was I saying?

Oh yeah, my shameless self-promotion. Let me show you a picture.

These…are Doctor Who cookies. Vanilla custard to be exact. They’re fishsticks. And yes, that’s MY sonic screwdriver in the picture.


OK, enough beating around the bush (CLICHE)…I’m whoring myself on Etsy, hence the rather awkward title of this post. There, I said it. I’m selling nerdy cookies. And now I’m going to post my Etsy link and be THAT guy and hope that strangers have pity for me.


I’m just going to go over here and crawl into my hole of desperation. There’s cable.


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