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Running out of time

My first long distance race is in 2 days and I’m trying very hard not to let myself get super nervous. The only thing that’s really bugging me is whether I’ve trained enough. My speed training has been next to nothing and I didn’t even realize that I don’t have a goal pace in mind. YIKES.


Just finishing is the top priority I guess. I ran 3 miles yesterday with strength work and am going to do a very slow 2 today. And then my legs get a small break and I begin the waiting game. BOO, waiting games are the worst. Good news for Sunday though.

Alas, PERFECT running weather. Now just hoping Mother Nature doesn’t decide to change her mind at the last second!
This post isn’t very picture heavy. It’s more like me spewing out randomness. You know, like Max yelling at us that he deserves to have a spot at the dinner table

Dog, what are you doing? You don’t even have an silverware.

He wasn’t happy with the decline of his request.

SOMEONE has a bit of a bad temper.

So he just decided to be his own man and follow his own rules.

…what a jerk 😀


Also, I made it look like I stuck my hand in a blender…because I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time.

Not too shabby eh? I think I’ve officially perfected the art of making regular ole’ chocolate look like blood


Yes, I AM proud of such a fact.


And now, a word to the masses. Know what you’re doing before putting Kale in a smoothie.

I'm in LOVE with the color

In the mix:

  • Maybe 2 cups Kale?
  • Frozen mango
  • Agave nectar
  • Vanilla protein powder (almost time to restock!)
  • A bit of almond butter
  • Mango Chobani

Children be warned, Kale is not a leafy green to mess with. The taste is STRONG and in no way comparable to the subtlety of spinach. That prominent iron-esq. bite is tricky to mask, even with the addition of other strong flavored ingredients. Although interesting (and somewhat unappetizing) at first I quickly developed an actual like for the earthiness and am probably going to have another one later today.


I usual tell others to try everything once but I do not recommend this for people….well, except myself 😉


Last thing, check out what just happened to make it’s way onto my HM playlist.

I guess it makes sense. It seems most appropriate for a race taking place in SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY.

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All talk? Try more like no talk.

I had post all ready to go and then it just deleted itself. Just like that.




Urgh. It was a nice post too. Lots of lovely pictures from my summer and more showcasing of the new camera (who has yet to be named). I’m way too annoyed with WordPress now to start over. Sometimes I give up easily.

This post is going to have even less words. All pictures. Let’s get to it.

You know I’m annoyed when I don’t even bother putting stupid commentary underneath any of the pictures. WordPress should know better than to be pushing MY buttons and let ME do the button pushing. Pshhh.


I’m sitting in Whole Foods right now BTW. I went on a 4 mile run and am now sitting here trying to get some internet stuff done before I go to the gym with Cate. To be honest though, the wifi here is kind of stinky and I couldn’t find coconut water for the life of me and that is the only thing I’m craving right now. So instead I’m drinking WF water that’s apparently electrolyte enhanced.

Does it work? Who knows. It does make me feel better though so I’ll just let the psychological matter of it keep control this time.

Teaser picture for my next post….I like cliffhangers, cliffhangers are cool 😀

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