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They’re worth a thousand somethings anyway…

I’m in Panera right now. It smells quite nice in here but I don’t know if I’m going to order anything. I’ve been pumpkin coffee from D&D lately and I plan on getting one when I’m done posting this.


The reason I’m here in the first place, well, reasons rather are: #1, I couldn’t stand sitting (YOU CAN’T STAND IF YOU’RE SITTING LOL YOU JOKEY JOKEMAKER) at my dining room table for a day again and needed a change of scenery and #2, I went for a walk and this place was nearby.


Rutherford, a town I basically grew up in, is like Princeton and Princeton is like Rutherford. A long main street with dozens of small shops that’s always extremely adorable and oddly comforting. So I took to the street for an impromptu photo outing.

(Two little girls stopped by this bush and kept shouting, “OOOH BERRIES!”)

(Tumblr follows you everywhere you go, seriously.)


Although it was only a half hour, just walking around and taking pictures was super relaxing/enjoyable. I’m getting kind of hungry now though. My laptop battery has 53 minutes left. DAMN YOU PEOPLE USING ALL THE AVAILABLE OUTLETS!


And here’s the part of the segment where I put on my lipstick and fancy eyeshadow and whore myself off again. Alas, another creation has been posted to Etsy.

They’re Winchester Whiskey cookies…and I used cookie cutters…and I’m not even going to mention the fact I used my flask and shot glass as props.

Moving on.


I’m taking on a mostly Supernatural theme because that’s what most of my ideas revolve around. Although, I would like to make at least ONE sale first before I begin creating my next idea. Goodness knows how long that might take though.


Maybe I should stop at Walgreens on my way home and stock up on cosmetics just in case……


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