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…with the power to MELT!

Happy Cookie Friday everyone! Alas, it’s Friday and guess who STILL has work to take care of?

Yep. This guy right here.


It’s already been such whirlwind. Usually I’ve been pretty good at not letting myself get too stressed out (I’ve got hippie blood) but this week has turned my brain into mush.


Bisky, where do I even begin?


Well, alright. So Wednesday was devoted to my hip-hop paper. I was up, worked out (elliptical + a bunch of strength stuff) and then by 11 I was stationed in Cranberrys. Check out the mug on this one…

Actually, I was looking around to make sure now one saw me taking pictures of myself. Also, I’m aware that Clif bar does not equal breakfast. It was one of those times though that my work came first.


Don’t fret though, my lunch totally made up for it!


A GIANT Asian Chicken Salad. I don’t know what it was but this was easily the best one I’ve had all year. TONS of chicken/pecans and barely any dressing. Maybe the chefs put more time into things because there’s less people? Either way, it was legitimate perfection.

Exactly what I was craving and exactly what I needed to get my butt into gear!


Fast forward to 4:30. I’ve been in Cranberrys the entire time and am starting to get stir crazy. The thing is, my topic for hip-hop was so incredibly interesting (Homophobia in the hip-hop culture and the myth of the gay rapper) so I keep pushing through until I decided to actually move and eat with Kat in Dalys.


I didn’t even realize I was hungr but then we got there and I realized I was. So I may or may not have LOADED up.

  • Sweet potato
  • Cantaloop
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Hummus
  • Feta
  • Spinach
  • Cooked mushrooms/green peppers

After wasting as much time as possible I headed BACK to Cranberrys at around 6:00.


Fast forward to 10. I’ve got hip-hop information pouring out of my ears, eyes, nose and pores, this random guy and his roommate decide that they wanted to be friends me, I drank a Red Bull for the first time in more than a year and I was S.O.S.-ing on Facebook for booze and a life jacket.

It was then I called it quits. The next morning I got up, did some hardcore revising/some other work and then I celebrated.


And what better way to do so than by cracking open a new jar of almond butter? Not just any almond butter mind you…..

Oh, 26 ounces?


YES, TWENTY-SIX OUNCES. We’re talking the big guns here. Almond butter for the truly obsessed.

My parents bought THREE of these the last time they went to Costco. Apppppparently the cost was under 6 bucks and that is the best deal of a lifetime considering the normal jars cost that amount! Nut butters = INFINITE LOVE.

It was getting close to lunch so I kept it small:

  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1 tbsp plain Chobani
  • 1 tbsp applesauce
  • 1/4 cup Kashi
  • A fabulous drizzling of AB

Sidenote: My serving of 1/4 cup of oats turned into 1/8 when it exploded in the microwave! I have no clue why it happened but I “waaaaah’d” about it for a while. See that bit on the mug handle? EVIDENCE!


Lunch was fancy. Dalys had ACORN SQUASH! WTF?! Not that I’m complaining or anything… I was just wondering what the special occasion was. Hahaha.

Topped with cranberries tasted AMAZING, BTW. I’m definitely going to get my hands on some while I’m home.

You feta believe it.


Dear Keri, SHHHHHHHHHHH. Love, everyone.


Dinner was exactly the same as the day before except I had a whole wheat pita.

Mmmmmmm, carbs ❤


Gym this morning = 4.5 mile run, squats, crunches. BAM.


Breakfast was the usual oatmeal combo (oats, banana, cinammon, water, chia seeds) and topped with some mmmmmmelt!

I LOVE when AB is melty… like how I like my men.


I mean come on, check out that body… bow chicka wow wow!



Ahem, sometimes I’m inappropriate and then I have to calm down my 12 year old self because she suddenly wanted to Youtube Kablam! and I told her no.


Ummmmm, my lunch had broccoli, oddly shaped turkey and icky cornbread  in it?

VERY upset about the cornbread. It’s an indulgence that I absolutely LOVE.

Nope. It was dry, crumbly and just plain awful. Sadness.


Everything’s alright though. I’ve got a beautiful French man singing on repeat in my Itunes and hopefully I’ll find a cookie at some point today. Optimism my friends, ’tis glorious.


Enjoy the rest of the day and my apologies for the unnecessarily long post!


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