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“We don’t need 500 pounds of apples!!”

I discovered today that I am unable to correctly say the word orchard. Apparently, I think it’s more fun to say orchid instead. English major say what?!?

Moving right on into the topic of orchards, the family and I ventured to Terhune Orchards for some apple picking. If that’s not the epitome of fall, I don’t know what is!

Terhune Orchards is a family owned farm located in Princeton which is 10 minutes from Rider. It’s quite lovely and you can definitely feel the emphasis on “family”. Pumpkin picking, apple picking, live music, fresh products of all kinds, petting zoo, etc. etc. etc. There’s a very authentic vibe to the place and I personally was put into a great mood just from the atmosphere.

Before I left I had a 4.5 mile run and some breakfast.

Convenient yogurt containers are convenient!

  • The last of my Fage (pronounced FA-YEH!) about 1/2 a cup
  • 1/2 cup Multigrain Cheerios
  • Half a peach (to be honest, I’m kind of getting sick of peaches. They’re a summer fruit and alas, it’s not summer anymore!)
  • 1 tbsp almond butter

Fueled up! Let’s get some apples!

Well, not immediately anyway.

We ended up at the wrong farm and had to drive to the other location which is where the actual apple orchards are. Whoops! It’s OK though, it was only a 2 minute drive to the other one and I got a few good pictures before we left.

If I could tag these photos like on Facebook, I would tag everyone in the blogworld.

Pumpkins in a wheelbarrow = adorableness to the 16th power.

And check out what the store had.

Cranberry honey! Holy bisky, I didn’t know such a thing existed and can only imagine how amazing it probably tastes. No purchases here but I thought it was a fun little Rider reference (We bleed Cranberry now and forevaaahhhhh)

Like I said before, 2 minute drive and now we were ready to pick some apples! I took a bunch of pictures so everyone could view awesomeness.

Look at them walking in a line! Hahaha. LaForge representin’!

Tiny apples may be one of the cutest things to exist on this planet.

Unsure of what these were, my mom and I both took a bite from one. It was sour. Really sour. And the thing is, I STILL haven’t a clue what they are. They photograph nicely though...they look kind of like baby pomegranates!

I desperately wanted to climb a tree while we were there but orchards have really changed since I was younger. The trees are all tiny and supported by wooden beams. Effective? Yes. Fun? Not really. Chubby and I had to improvise… he made me poses for this.


A hour later we had a bag filled with a plethora of fruity goodness. Next up was a quick trip to the gourd patch.

It was gord-geous.

(bows head in shame)

I apologize for that one.

They were excited.


Gourd fingerrrr!

It looks like a swan! Quite pretty (and kind of creepy at the same time….it’s like when people see Jesus in their toast)

Sometimes I make Chubby be my hand model.

A sunflower? Crazy!

Pumpkin in a coat?


Creepin’ on the far away tractor.

Creepin’ on the up close tractor

My mom bought some sweet corn

And we took a few more pictures before they returned me back to my RU.

I look rather tall I must say. Either way though, I love my mom. Heehee.

At first they were just standing next to each other so I yelled at them, “Act like you like each other!!!” They can’t fool me, I know they do!

And of course this wouldn’t be a real Keribop blogpost unless there was a picture of myself. Come on though, an apple background? Can’t pass up an opportunity like that!

And that was it! I had a great time and loved getting to spend time with the family doing fun things like that. Family bonding is the bestttttt 😀

When I got back, I was feeling hungry despite the fact that I ate the equivalent of probably 3 apples. So, I made a SIAB.

  • A banana
  • A scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1 tbsp flax seed
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • 1/4 cup Multigrain Cheerios (ob-freaking-sessed)
  • 2 tsp pecan pieces

I rounded it out with a cup of coffee despite it being the afternoon. Don’t judge me. Caffeine is my thing sometimes. 😉

And now it’s time to crack down on some homework. Booooooo!

Peace, love and apples everyone!


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