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The kitchen is always open!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope it’s been filled with fun and family-ness and food and all that good stuff. My day has certainly been filled, that’s for sure.


Let me indulge you.


Woke up to this

Good morning nephew… he posed like this for me when I took my camera out.


The fruit hiatus has been temporarily remedied… my mom bought me cherries of all things. Talk about random! Appreciated, but still random.

Cherries are red though, hooray for the Christmas spirit and adding to my oats.

These oats were VERY liquid-y, too much H20!

  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 10 cherries
  • 1/3 cup multigrain Cheerios
  • 1 tsp WCPB
  • 2 tsp PB

Still tasty though!


The rest of my day included the following things:

Giant bowl of fluffy marshmallows.


Giant pans of rice krispy treats

Work those arm muscles Nana!


Lots of saturated fats


Lots of them

They’re taking over our kitchen I tell you! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.


I made some dough… not the green kind though.


And MOAR chocolate chip cookies!

It took all the will power I possess not to shove my face in the bowl.


Don’t worry, I baked the raw dough and didn’t ingest it

MOAR! With the addition of coconut which turned out to be INCREDIBLE.


But alas, the sprites hold my heart.

….I love you.


I feel the same way about these cookies that I do about Matt Smith.

Sometimes, I need to keep my hormones OUT of the blog posts. 😉


I think it’s safe to assume that official Cookie Friday has been embraced and THEN some

Oh yes, it has.


I ate linner at some point

English muffin with turkey, swiss cheese and a hummus/mustard combo. And some carrots on the side for a good crunch.


Later we all scooted to church and the priest talked about Toy Story 3 during his sermon.

I personally approved of such a decision.


And then, we came home and ate pizza with peppers and onions.

It feel upside down and there I dubbed it to have “character”…. side salad with balsalmic accompanied it.


Currently my parents are running around out kitchen making nut cups and egg strata and there’s a pile of bread sitting next to me right now.


Well…. it’s 9 o’clock already….I need to be a-scootin’ again. Still need to wrap a bunch of presents and finish making some CDs! No blogging tomorrow but there will a TON of pictures to share so until then……


Merry Christmas everyone! ❤

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Easter weekend!

I SHOULD be continuing to write my event for Mickey Hess’ class but I’m going to blog instead. And anyway

  1. I haven’t blogged since March 31st!
  2. It’s Easter weekend, many a fun things have happened!
  3. And I wrote for an hour in the car while driving back to Rider. I’m taking a bloggy break!

So I went home Friday for some Easter shenanigans with the LaForge/Merkle families. Good Friday means no meat so when in doubt, my parents order pizza! They asked for any requests and my sister Cate and I had one thing to say to that… VEGGIES! And LOTS of them!

Isn’t it glorious? This baby was topped with red peppers, green peppers, black olives, onions and mushrooms. I used to never be a fan of silician style pizza but this was incredible! (although some broccoli or spinach would have made it SUPER awesome) I think I made up for that though with the gigantic side salad I made for the family 🙂

Soon after, it was time to paint some eggys!

She was too excited to make a normal face….

Er, we get an A for effort for at least trying to be creative!

Keri eggy 😀

The next day was basically a fantastic day and I don’t even mean this because of the family party… you see, earlier in the week (about Wednesday I think) I had decided that Saturday would be the day of another big run. 6 miles had been conquered so I decided to take on 7!

Saturday morning I was up at 8 and at the park by 8:30. While I roamed around the house preparing myself, I chowed down on a chocolate peanut butter Kashi Go-Lean bar

Didn’t take a real picture of it… my bad!

When I began my run, I was nervous. 7 miles seemed like SO MUCH! I had ran 5 miles the previous day and was worried as to whether my calves were going to hold up OK. However, the worry didn’t stop me from going. I cranked up my music and RAN. The miles went by fairly quickly until I hit mile 4.5… my pace had gone down to about 9:45 so I went after my stash!

(There is a secret compartment in my Ipod armband that is meant to hold my headphones when I’m not using them. Turns out, it can also conveniently fit 10 jelly beans in it as well! Hence, my stash!)

I didn’t realize how difficult it was to eat and run at the same time; not as easy as I thought! Those beans did the job though… by mile 5.5 I was feeling good and knew that I had less than 2 miles to go. When I got to mile 6 my brain began screaming at me, “LET’S GO LAFORGE, ONE.MILE.LEFT!!!!” And then…. poof.

7 miles, done.


I was in such an amazing state of mind, not to mention still in total awe that I had done it, so I wasn’t feeling very hungry when I got back to my house. I showered first but it didn’t take too long for the hunger to kick in…OATMEAL was what I was craving.

Oh yes please! I whipped up a fabulous combination of oats made with milk (it really does taste better!), a ton of strawberries, wheat germ, walnuts, some granola and a good helping of almond butter. It was a delicious way to refuel after such a success!!!!!

I went shopping with Cate a little later (bought a dress and a pair of shorts, FINALLY!) and later, later we headed to Mamere’s for the yearly Easter pie! What is Easter pie, you ask? It’s this…

THIS is the combination of sausage, eggs, ricotta and mozzarella all baked into homemade bread…. basically, it’s a heart attack gift from God. Some people don’t like the flavor combination but my family? We DEVOURED it. 16 of us ate almost the entire thing, the size of which was much larger than my head. Don’t worry though, I made sure to fill my belly with spinach salad before my attack 🙂

And what family party wasn’t complete without my mom’s mountain of Rice Krispy treats?

Like I said, MOUNTAIN!

The rest of the night was a lot of family chatter, absolutely hilarious stuff to say the least. Drank some wine, ate some good food, laughed a million laughs and am STILL wondering why my uncle called a blackberry a nut. Hahahahahaha.

Today was an early morning (do I have anything else otherwise?!) I was up at 7 to make PANCAKES! This is slowly becoming a holiday tradition I’m noticing……not that there’s anything wrong that!

I made Serena her usual good ole’ fashioned ones with chocolate and then added a packet of instant oat meal to the 1/2 cup of batter that I had left for myself. What I yielded was three of these guys…

It looks like a cross between a potato pancake and a hamburger patty! (I did also add purple food coloring to them)

Om nom nom… have you noticed the strawberry trend? My mom bought a GIANT container of them and I tried to eat my way through as much as possible in two days. Next time, maybe I’ll cut up the strawberries and add them to the batter as well? I loved the consistency of the oatmeal with the pancakes but they were just too plain for my taste. Nevertheless, it was still a nice and filling breakfast!

Oh hey DCPB… how’d you get there?!?! 😉

The rest of the day included church, finally dying my blasted dark roots, redying my hair, playing outside, packing and another family party! It was essentially an ideal way to spend the holiday and it makes me love my family even more ❤

Well…. I think I covered damn near everything that happened this weekend and now, it’s time to commence MORE WRITING and HOMEWORK!

….. at least until my roomie gets back 😉

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!!!

I know he did!


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