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Welcome back!


Why yes, OIAJ, that would be me! Two days ago I finally received the awaited package in the mail and gave the battery a full day to charge, just to make sure.


Success! Back and ready to picture take like I’ve never picture taken before! (THANK YOU MY AMAZINGLY AWESOME PARENTS FOR BEING AMAZINGLY AWESOME!)


Ohhhh, breakfast jar, your insides have never looked better!

Into the mix:

  • 1/4 cup oats
  • Half a banana
  • 1 tbsp flax seed
  • 1 tbsp rolled dates
  • 1/4 cup Kashi Sunshine
  • 1/4 cup Multigrain Cheerios (Yep, I STILL have them)


Being able to take a picture of my lunch was like being born all over again.


…well, maybe not THAT great but still pretty good…

Ever since I gained the knowledge about goat cheese at Cranberrys, I’ve grown into a routine with getting the best sandwich ever. Same exact thing except I get whole wheat pita instead. Goat cheese, where have you been all my life?!?!


Back tracking a bit, last night A313 was surprised with a certain gluten-free lovely girl and freshly baked cookies!

(pictures taken on top of Apolo’s new book are the BEST kind)

Oh my bisky, I haven’t had a cookie this good since I’ve been home. Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting.


Pumpkin?! Did you say pumpkin? I’m sold.


They were like little pumpkin clouds of pure love. Thank you for sharing them Amelia! They were perfect 😀


Before I depart (another short post… boo!), I figured I would just throw it out there that on Saturday I will be running the Turkey Trot for the second year in a row! It was my first real 5K and absolutely incredible. Cannot even begin to say how psyched I am to go at it again. YAY!


Enjoy the rest of the day everyone… I’m going to go continue to rejoice the rebirth of my camera 😀



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Food and running can legit fix anything!

Pub night was, well, it was awesome. I’m actually not going to indulge anymore because leaving things to the imagination is so much more fun. We talked about it ALL DAY yesterday. Keep that as food for thought.


Well why didn’t you just ask?


The morning after I was feeling a little icky to be perfectly honest. For some reason I don’t really get hangovers but even the toughest of the tough will suffer after more than a fair share of alcohol the previous night.

Looks like somebody had a good night. Never fear college girl! You’ll feel brand new soon enough.

I ate something light about an hour and a half before my class, fully knowing that something carby was in my future.

A piece of cardboard with half a banana, some AB and apple butter (which I am IN LOVE with. It tastes like fall <3) and half a peach. It instantly made me feel better.

Sidenote: I drank a hundred million gallons of water throughout the day. Dehydration at it’s finest everyone.

After class (in which my stomach began loudly growling at me) we finally got to eat! The entire walk over to Dalys was hilarious. It was basically Mandy, Sam, Kat and myself whining about how much we were all starving. The walk was worth it because of two words:


It was one of those times that I just had to be like “Screw it!” and knock that bagel right off the pedestal and onto my plate! I had a sesame bagel with turkey, spinach, tomato, hummus and a little bit of feta It was the most delicious thing that I could have had.

Paired with some carrots, peppers, cucumbers and more hummus on the side.

Say it with me everyone, “Carbs are godly.” 😀

After lunch we sat around Starbucks and continued to talk about pub night. Around 2:30 I said my goodbyes and headed to the gym for some MUCH NEEDED time with the treadmill. I ran 4 miles in about 40 minutes. It’s almost scary how fantastic I felt when I was done.

Sweating, it does the body good 😉

I showered, roamed around a bit and then went to dinner. Surprisingly I hadn’t been hungry since lunch (Carbs FTW!) and surprisingly again I actually forgot to bring my camera with me. So picture a piece of grilled chicken, a sweet potato with cinnamon, peppers, mixed greens and chickpeas on a plate… that was my dinner!

I’ll leave y’all with a hint about last night.


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Planes don’t do hills.

I’m exhausted but in the best possible way. Once this blog post is over I’m heading straight to bed… my eyes are already fighting me! NO EYES, it’s not time to sleep yet. Geez.

So the Teterboro 5K was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. Although running the Rider 5Ks were awesome, this was a real sponsored event that made me feel more like a true runner than I ever have before. Let’s go in order though…. from the beginning!

6AM I was up and ready to go and my dad and I had planned to leave at 6:30 in order to get to the airport for 7. While I waited for time to pass quicker, fueled myself with a piece of rye bread with almond butter and half a banana. The next race I run I’m going to eat more. About 20 minutes before start my stomach began grumbling at me. This didn’t affect my running at all but it still wasn’t the best feeling to have… lesson learned. Next time, I’m taking the bagel approach!

We ended up getting there waaaaaaay too early because I didn’t want anything to go wrong with what I’m considering the first REAL race of my running career. Starting time wasn’t until 8:30 so we had to wait around for a bit of time. At around 7:50 or so, my godfather comes waltzing in!

He’s also a runner and I actually had no idea that he had signed up as well. This guy meant business; I started out next to him at the starting line but he’s fast and beat my time by a full minute! Yaaaay for running families! ❤

I think my pace was pretty consistent throughout the race. However, the temperature was at LEAST 85 degrees, if not more, so it was a challenge to power through. I could definitely feel my body slowing down a little after mile 2 so the race became a test of mental strength. Had to just keep pushing myself and for what it’s worth, it DID work. It did also help that there were so many people around me. Everyone else was pushing themselves so it helped me to do the same. I knew that I could do it and, lo and behold, I did! When I was able to see the finish line up ahead, it was go time. The theme song from The Biggest Loser “Proud”  played appropriately (because I set up my Ipod playlists to do such a thing) as I headed into a full-on sprint to finish.

Oooh man let me tell you, I felt that runner’s high and it was incredible.


  • 3.1 miles
  • Completed in 28:26
  • Official race time 28:08
  • Pace of 9:09
  • Placed 449th out of 900
  • Finished 6th in my age class!

I think those stats deserve a good ole’ HA BISKY!  Considering the ridiculous heat, I’m very proud of how well I was able to do. Yay!

As I sweated all over the place I immediately headed over to the refreshments area. My intentions were to eat a real meal at home but for proper recovery purposes, food was a necessity. I grabbed a water bottle (my dad took two more for me), a fruit bar and a box of apple juice which I actually wasn’t going to have but ended up drinking it when I started feeling sick while I stretched. It did the trick!

See the blue band on my arm? That was my prize for being in the race 😉

After the ceremonies and acknowledging those who needed to be thanked, I was able to go home, shower and eat a bowl of fruit, yogurt and success! But not before getting my first real BAG O’ SWAG.

Along with a Teterboro t-shirt I also received a light bulb (LOL), a packet of sunflower butter, 4 bottles of water, free music downloads, corn cakes (LOL x2) and a few other fun things. Yes, I ran 3.1 miles, now give me free stuff! Hahahahaha.

Oh hello refreshing food, you’ve never looked better.

  • A container of pineapple Chobani
  • 1/2 cup Cheerios
  • 7 cut up cherries
  • 5 strawberries
  • 1 tbsp almond butter

Probably the best thing to have after practically melting on an airport runway. Oh, and I had coffee as well and in true Kath fashion, I spotted a foam shape and HAD to take a picture of it.

(I saw it and shouted “It looks like a dog bone!!” Cate was sitting at the table with me and look on with distaste and decided against such a proclamation.)

And THAT is my adventure of the 13th Annual Teterboro 5K. I had an amazing time, will most definitely be running it again next year and have caught the racing bug once again!!

Spoiler alert: Next post will be the recap of Sam’s party and will feature TONS of food porn. You’ve been warned. 😉

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