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September has arrived.

Exactly one year ago today was my first day of my last year of college. I had a purpose and that was to enjoy being a senior without  the worries of what the “real world” had in store from me.

Nothing but fancy sweet potatoes for a whole year. It was nice and felt very safe. Safe in that way that you can’t be bothered to worry about what the future had in store. OK, fast forward now. NOW, the same people I was being a hooligan with just last year now have real jobs with salaries and benefits. NOW, they’re graduate students pursuing further education. As for myself? I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs for now; the waiting game is my current thing right now.

That’s not to say that I haven’t been doing anything. I’ve been doing, er, stuff.

Cantaloop and mango whilst pondering over a cookbook. When in doubt, bake!

My original plan was to combine recipes and make peanut butter pinwheel cookies with chocolate and pretzels. I followed the steps for normal pinwheel cookies, rolling out the dough, adding the fillings and chilling it in the fridge for a few hours. However, when I took the giant log out to cut into slices they just kept falling apart. So, I lumped it all together in a bowl and went the more classic route.

Next time I make them I’ll split the dough in half, add LESS filling and maybe even stick the log in the freezer. Cookie making is an art form. Don’t get it twisted.


An old friend returned from forbidden forest.

Looking bubbly there Magic Bullet. Bubbly like champagne. Champagne is classy. Therefore, Magic Bullet, you are classy.

What we’ve got here:

  • Frozen mango and strawberries
  • Fresh Mango
  • Greek yogurt
  • Vanilla protein powder
  • Water
  • A wee bit of agave nectar

Topped with some multigrain Cheerios and fashioned in my ever-helpful positive affirmation bowl. SIAB will always be there for me. BFF4L.


Other random things of randomness

Otis was creepin’


Serena actually wasn’t trying to smother the dog

I actually can’t help but go AWWWWWWW everytime I look at these. Way to be gooey LaForge.


Chubby Chubby thinks he’s hilarious and was like, “MAKE SURE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE HUGE MEAL YOU’RE ABOUT TO EAT”…..clever.



This is just a teaser of a post to come. When it comes to the topic of running, I have LOTS of things to say and need to dedicate a completely different post to it. Oh baby believe me, it’s going to be good.


Lastly, to revert back to the gooey stuff for a moment

Looks who is starting her first day of middle school today! She’s a legit 6th grader now. I remember being in 6th grade…that was a weird time. Check out the bows on her, they just scream, “I’m ready for schoooooool!” Well, except she wasn’t. Pigtails are deceiving. Either way, my little buckethead is moving up in the world. Le sigh.


That’s all she, um, I, wrote. It’s pouring out but not humid so I’m thinking of a taking myself out for a nice rainy run. Guess we shall see.


Have a fabulous day everyone and good luck to everyone else starting school/new jobs! Rock it out 😀





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