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Promises of fun.

Hullo everyone! I’m in my “office”

Max wanted to see what it was like.


Alas, I do wish I actually did real work. I mean, blogging/blogging reading is great but not having a real job? It makes me feel really useless. Sigh.


You know what’s not useless? Cute sandwiches with veggies.

Ham/swiss cheese/tomato on whole wheat with hummus. The veggies are from one of those microwave stream bags that I am officially in love with. Convenience has never tasted better! Also on the side, Snookie’s favorite treat 😀


Oh look, MOAR chili

The rest of the steam bag and half a sweet potato with a bit of AB. And yes, I’m STILL eating chili…..slowly but surely, however, we LaForges are using it up. The bottomless container will soon become depleted…I hope.


Yesterday, there was an attempt to make sushi. We cooked the special Japanese sticky rice according to the recipe and then tried to assemble a roll.

I would like to point out that Nana decided at the last-minute that the rice vinegar was unnecessary…. ahem, it WAS. There is such a thing as being too sticky. Not to mention we had to parchment paper instead of a bamboo mat.

No pictures of the monstrosity were taken…. it was a pile of rice/seaweed/chicken. Big ole’ pile. This is the only evidence of the event.

About 10 seconds after this was taken I burned myself. I stuck my hand in the bowl to put down some more rice and my fingertips felt like they were on FIRE. I then began flailing while trying to get the glove off…… also, my flailing caused rice to end up all over the kitchen floor. You would have thought we were using it as confetti.


Sushi failure! I’m going to try it again tomorrow though… it will be a lot easier if I can work by myself. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


The stir fry itself came out great though.

Atop a bed of romaine lettuce…. so colorful! This is a fresh/healthy meal that takes essentially little to no effort and can be extremely versatile depending on what tickles your particular taste buds! I think I’ll probably be doing a tutorial before I head back to Rider so that’s another thing to keep a lookout for!


Well, well, well…someone is making a bunch of promises 😉


After stir-fry….homemade strawberry daiquiris. Wooooo.

Yep, this 21-year-old on winter break is drinking on a Wednesday with her mom. If that’s not the epitome of cool then I don’t know what is.

Action shot.

And alas, the beverage matched my glass (also, change of table cloth! Now we’re in Valentines Day mode)


I used to have non-alcoholic ones when I was younger so it was a bit of a blast from the past….well, a rum induced blast from the past anyway.


That’s sadly all I’ve got. I apologize for being so boring lately…. this blog needs to get fun/interesting ASAP! I’ll fix it, I swear!

Here’s a start?

My nephew likes to control the remote


Max and I have a mutual love for George Foreman grills.


Enjoy the day everyone! ❤


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