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Take you down to Gobbletown

Last year I made a Thanksgiving recap post. I suppose I should keep the tradition alive.


[Because I’m so wonderful being consistent with things?]


The night before, while normal people my age were out partying, I watched a holiday special episode of The Biggest Loser. Over the course of the episode, Bob kept talking about how bitches should exercise in the morning before Thanksgiving dinner. I take his advice very close to heart so I did as he wished.

38 degrees of pure bliss

You know me, I’m a cold weather runner. A nice 4 mile run did actually make me feel better about my soon-to-be fate of eating my body weight in food.  BRING IT ON.


The day proceeded as such:

Of course there were waffles. Why would you even ask such a thing?


THIS guy proved to be entirely useless…as per usual.


The sexy turkey was being sexy

Check out the tan. Ooh baby baby


Sexy lady was cooking said sexy turkey

Also, new haircut anyone? My mom knows how to rock a short style like whoa.


…I guess there was some Thanksgiving spirit? Well, for a little while anyway.


My nephew started getting impatient



Badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger.....

They were out-of-control amazing.  Whatchu know about cheese, mushroom stems and bread crumbs?!?!





I drank more of that white wine that I should have AKA I was the ONLY one drinking the white wine therefore it was basically a bottle just for meeeee.


Sidenote:  If possible, do NOT give anyone with the last name LaForge their own bottle of anything alcoholic to drink. Chances are, they WILL try to drink all of it.


And then it was feasting time.

Time to pile up…and you can beat that I did

A little of everything…right?!?! Turkey and sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce and stuffing and broccoli and cauliflower and YAY! For what it’s worth though, I only had one plate which I can’t help but find a little weird. I guess me last year had more of an appetite!


An hour goes by and then….well, you KNOW what it’s time for after that

The famous Aunt Cake triffle! IT WILL NEVER NOT BE DELICIOUS.


We still have half of it in our house…Chubby Chubby ate it for breakfast this morning…I’m going to eat some later…just saying…


Also, PIE!

Dean Winchester approves of the previous picture 😀


My mom’s cousin Debbie made the pie this year and it was exactly what apple pie should be. Slightly sweet with a good punch of cinnamon and wonderful homemade crust. You cannot go wrong with homemade crust; the frozen kind just does not compare!


And there were the, er, creepy cookies…

The day before I was trying to replicate a typical bakery shortbread sandwich cookie, you know, because I think it’s fun to do things like that. However, my cookie press didn’t have the shape I wanted and they ended up being prototypes I did not particularly want to share with company.

Apparently everyone really liked them though so HUZZAH to that! What I realized also is that why would I want to make an exact replicate of the typical anyway? That cookie press has some good designs to offer and I can make some badass cookies. Keep a lookout for my revamped version!


Kids, always think outside of the box and strive to be different!

*insert appropriately timed wink*


Public service announcement. Every post should have one. Well, that’s kind of the end of the post anyway. Thanksgiving was simple, lovely and one of those instance where typical is totally OK 🙂

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