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All talk? Try more like no talk.

I had post all ready to go and then it just deleted itself. Just like that.




Urgh. It was a nice post too. Lots of lovely pictures from my summer and more showcasing of the new camera (who has yet to be named). I’m way too annoyed with WordPress now to start over. Sometimes I give up easily.

This post is going to have even less words. All pictures. Let’s get to it.

You know I’m annoyed when I don’t even bother putting stupid commentary underneath any of the pictures. WordPress should know better than to be pushing MY buttons and let ME do the button pushing. Pshhh.


I’m sitting in Whole Foods right now BTW. I went on a 4 mile run and am now sitting here trying to get some internet stuff done before I go to the gym with Cate. To be honest though, the wifi here is kind of stinky and I couldn’t find coconut water for the life of me and that is the only thing I’m craving right now. So instead I’m drinking WF water that’s apparently electrolyte enhanced.

Does it work? Who knows. It does make me feel better though so I’ll just let the psychological matter of it keep control this time.

Teaser picture for my next post….I like cliffhangers, cliffhangers are cool 😀

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